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Peterborough, Cambridgeshire-7th March 2009

Location of Sighting: Peterborough
Date of Sighting: 7th March 2009
Time: 8.10pm
Witness: Pete

Witness Statement: me and my wife were on the A47 heading west around junction 19. what we saw was an orange light in the sky,it was shapped how i can only discribe as a chinese lantern. it seemed to be moving slowly east so we turned around to follow it. it then shot off at great speed with no sound!

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. my wife and three others notice a orange craft last night 30th june at 2235 hrs in woodston peterborough my wife caught it on her phone it was strange

  2. Sighting of similar object 3 times on the 4th July 2009 over Woodston Peterborough

  3. me and my friends in sutton, cambridgeshire, saw a bright orange light moving across the sky, at a slow steady space, there was no noise or flashing lights so cant have be an aeroplane, then it suddenly got further away and dissapeared.

  4. 3rd oct 09 23:25
    Bright orange ball, fuzzy edges moving towards east. No noise, speed of a plane

  5. 14th November 11pm

    We saw exactly the same orange,lantern-type objects moving across the sky, without noise at a similar speed of a plane. 8 in total one after the other, moving from the centre of Cambridge over towards Chesterton and beyond.

  6. Thomas Jerome Newton

    I saw the lights too. They came together above Wicken Fen and assembled into one large light. It was quite intense in the centre and seemed to pulsate. This object then dropped into the river and disappeared under the water. What was really strange was throughout this there was no sound from the light/s.
    I didn’t hang around to find out what happened next as my dog was getting very distressed.

  7. I saw the same orange light, speed of plane over Yaxley Christmas day 09…at about 16:30…for about 4 mins ish…
    It dissapeared then re-appeared in a different place…weird stuff …no idea what is was..Anyone else see it?

  8. I saw a similar light on the 18/02/2009 at 3.50am over Royston, I was getting out of my car and I look up at the sky (North east direction) I saw the orange light heading in my direction I thought it was a plane but what caught my attention was that there was no engine noise or flashing lights on it, it was moving at a speed that seemed similar to the commercial jets that fly around the area from Luton and stansted. The object flew over me heading in a south – west direction, I watched it for about a minute and the it speeded up and disappeared. I have never seen it again, but a work college of mine describe the same thing to me a few months later.

  9. last night saturday 14 mar 2010 at 2255 hrs in yaxley peterborough we were taking the dogs out and my wife spotted a bright orange light travelling south east the sky was clear there was no sound and it was moving really slowly it then stopped and hovered and then it shot off.

  10. I had seen the same thing on Saturday night, there were many of them and at first I was convinced they were Chinese lanterns as I had let some of these off in the air last year at a friends wedding.
    The strange thing was that one o them was heading in a different direction and they all seemed to move quicker than a plane but the air was very still that night with next to no breeze and if they were lanterns they would have been propelled by hot air and I’m thos condition being much smaller than a plain would have seemed further away than they actually were giving the illusion of travelling much faster than they actually were.

    But that’s if they were Chinese lanterns which Im convinced they were!

  11. 2 bright stationary stars seen in the NE sky at 17.30. I then realised it’ s too cloudy in the NE sky & it’s not stars I’m looking at, but 2 shiny objects reflecting the low sun in the west. I had to gentley persuade my wife several times before she could see these objects. I was surprised afterwards why she couldn’t see it the first time round, these shiny objects were so apparent. I tried to capture it on my iPhone, nothing but clouds on playback. The objects then moved south at about jet plane speed until no longer visible. Then whole event took place within approx 3 minutes.

  12. I wish that they’d swoop down in a country lane late at night when I’m driving.

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