Location of Sighting: Pontardawe
Date of Sighting: 1983
Time: late afternoon
Witness Name: Leigh

Witness Statement: i was just a lad and this is the first time i have publicised this. I was walking home after an afternoon out playing when i saw a large orange’blob’in the distant sky, i remember feeling slightly peturbed as i had seen nothing like it before. I kept on my way, slightly more hurriedly and glancing round to ‘check’, it was pretty much over my head but appeared teardrop shape or elongated and before i could catch my breath it was gone…. it covered the distance of the horizon to myself in an instant and i was stood high on the hill that overlooks the swansea valley so i could ‘see for miles’. i was approx 10 years old, 28 years later i tell my story for the first time. im not saying it was alien, just that it was the only thing i have ever seen like it, before or since.


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  1. Hi Leigh, things with this general description do seem to crop up, through the years, quite regularly. What they are I couldn’t say but my aunt witnessed something similar in 1960
    as a teenager.

  2. Hi Leigh,that does sound wierd,can,t think what that may have been,when you say a blob,do you mean it looked liquid like or was it solid looking? very strange.

  3. I saw something similar a year ago (March 2012) from my study window in Frome, Somerset. At first I thought it was the sun, setting behind the trees – but then it started moving _across_ the horizon. I called my partner and she witnessed exactly the same thing. I can best describe it as a large orange fireball, the same size as the setting sun. It was quite unsettling. There was no vapour trial (as one might expect from an asteroid burning up in the atmosphere, for example). The object was completely silent. Something so vast and spectacular would surely have been witnessed by others – or at least picked up by radar – assuming it was dense enough and sufficiently within our temporal domain to reflect radar waves. A few seconds and it was gone. Sunset followed about an hour later. The distinctive thing about this object was that it shimmered around the edges. We both knew we had witnessed something extraordinary.

  4. Hi Nicholas and Leigh
    I am a researcher from Canberra Australia. If you would be happy to share your story with me in any more detail I would really appreciate it for my own research. You can contact me through my website http://www.paulanthonywallis.com
    Many Thanks

  5. Hi leigh my name is mark I lived in the colliers arms and I seen that at the time same as you with a red triangle shape of light on the underside went to school the next day and some of my class mates seen the same thing over the DVLA in morriston

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