Pontypridd, South Wales-23rd November 2013

Location of Sighting: Pontypridd, South Wales
Date of Sighting: 23.11.2013
Time: 6-7pm
Witness Name: Sarah

Witness Statement:I was in my back garden having a cigarette when I began looking at the black sky. I glanced to the left and instantly a ball of light came into view, slowly ascending. At first I thought it was a plane but something about it wasn’t right. Planes normally flash red and white and you can see this clearly at night. But this was just a white ball of light gliding effortlessly in the air. As it came to the middle of the sky, I realised how high it actually was, and I thought to myself do planes fly that high? then all of a sudden it went directly straight upwards for a few seconds then disappeared. I was out there for another five minute but it never came back. Just as it disappeared, a plane appeared from the same direction. This plane was much lower about half as low, and you could clearly see the red and white flashing lights. I don’t know what it was for sure but am almost certain it wasn’t a plane.


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Updated: November 25, 2013 — 9:51 pm


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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I would say at the outset that this sounds a bit like the International Space station (ISS) – (a Google search will find tracking sites to give continuous positioning of this!), except that you say that it seemed to move upwards and disappear.
    This could be a perspective effect perhaps? Also it could be a large satellite (except again for any upward movement).
    These are the most logical explanations that I can think of, but, of course, there may be other views from other contributors on here! -Paul

  2. Good sighting Sarah but unfortunately you`re going to have the know-it alls telling you it was a chinese lantern.

  3. “the know-it alls telling you it was a chinese lantern.”

    And why is that not a viable suggestion? ‘ball of light….slowly ascending….gliding effortlessly…..went upwards and disappeared’ – surely you can see why a lantern may fit the bill? Let’s be frank here: from the description given this wasn’t a powered craft, was it? So what are the options? If you believe this wasn’t a lantern, then what was it?

  4. Im from the same area, for the past week or so ive also seen a bright white light appearing and almost freezing to certain points in the sky, we have a bypass in that area that has alot of helicopter attention for various traffic reasons etc so in used to seeing things in this area but it was to bright and pulsating maybe a meteor but ive also never seen one freeze at points in the sky? Any information would be great?

  5. Like a moth to a flame.

  6. Il wager this object was over or close to water.

  7. A few years ago now I was sitting on my bedroom window ledge when I saw a bright white light heading towards me my first thought it’s an helicopter it got closer when I realised there’s no noise as it flew over my house could see it clearly it was like a star can’t see no obvious object too bright to be a burning lantun it was low around about the same hight a helicopter would be still no noise as it disappeared over roof I then get up and get to the front of my house took no more then a few seconds it had totally disappeared this object was moving around 30mph it shouldn’t of disappeard so quickly I have never seen anything like it I’ve seen hundreds of lantuns u can tell what they are . may be it’s the same thing what u seen

  8. Uwais,

    When you say ‘freezing’ do you mean stopping in the sky for some period of time? If so, could it be one of the helicopters hovering with a light?

  9. “Il wager this object was over or close to water.”

    How much, and why? Is that the aliens chosen power source, or something?

  10. “Il wager this object was over or close to water.”

    there are no large bodies of water near Ponty.i work at the sainsburys there

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