Porth, Rhondda-1987/88

Location of Sighting: Porth, Rhondda
Date of Sighting: 1987/88
Time: 1800-1900 hrs
Witness Name: Paul Clissold

Witness Statement: I remember one night sitting on the Hill outside the Porth Cadets looking down into Porth waiting for the other lads to come, when I looked to my right towards Cymer. I looked into the sky and noticed a HUGE and I mean HUGE white sphere in the sky. There were no other lights and the white light stayed continuous and the damm thing wasn’t moving. Suddenly it shot across the sky to my left at a speed I have never seen before or since, without a sound and hovered above the mountain that sepperates the two Rhondda valleys. It stayed there for a few more seconds and then shot off at the same speed as before and was gone. Just after it was gone my mates came up the hill and hadn’t seen a thing.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. I saw the exact same object around 80’/81′(winter eve) up close and personal in N.London. Didn’t see where it came from but it hovered for one second a few dozen feet above the houses on the north side of the street, silent, pure white light underside but without any illumination on the street below. It then went East at a speed that I like to refer to as “DO NOT BLINK” Fortunately, a good friend was with me to witness a whole new outlook on the Universe. Regards Les

  2. I was walking to the corner where the Stag pub is in Treorchy in June 2010 at 9:23pm.when I happens to look up to to sky and there a few feet above my head about the same hight as the roof of the stag I saw what looked like a flying saucer.There were different coloured lights rotating around the outside and it was Matt silver colour and round.I could clearly see what looked like a door in the middle of the object.I looked in total shock at what I was seeing ,it stayed there for about 2 minutes there were no sound at alll then in a blink of an eye it just took off at a speed I have never before seen and in seconds it was gone.I have always been undecided to weather I believe in U.F.O.s,but after seeing one for myself I now firmly believe that there is other life on other planets

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