Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire-28th September 2011

Location of Sighting: Poulton Le Fylde Lancashire
Date of Sighting: Wed 28/09/11
Time: 0025
Witness Name: Dave Wilton

Witness Statement: Approx 0025 on wed 28/09/11 I spotted a very very bright light green object travelling very fast and very low towards the west. It was travelling in a south to north direction and it looked as if it was only a few hundred yards away from my house.It was travelling quite low – I would estimate at somewhere between 100 to 200 feet. It lasted in my sight for just over one second. I would estimate its magnitude at being minus ten. It was luminous green and a perfect orb shape with silver light at its centre. It was approx a quarter the size of the Moon so quite large really.
I submitted a sighting of it to LAPIS [http://lapisparanormal.com/] [The Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society (LAPIS) ] within half an hour of the sighting but have not heard from them regarding anyone else seeing it. I cannot think of what it could have been. It certainly wasn’t a satellite [I’ve seen many of those including the ISS and Shuttle]. It wasn’t a meteor [again I have seen many of those as I have been an amateur astronomy for over 45 years now!!. I really have not seen anything like it during my stargazing days [or years I should say]. As for it being a lantern -well had I thought it was one I wouldn’t have wasted anyone’s time about it!!For a while it scared me because it was so unusual, so vividly bright, so large and so close! I don’t know if anyone else would have seen it because it was so low and so close to my house. I can only hope someone else saw it either before it reached my area or after it left my area.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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Updated: October 2, 2011 — 7:46 pm


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  1. Green fireballs, as a Google search will reveal, have been sighted many times and seem to be a distinctive class of objects. Various explanations have been put forward – meteors and ball lightning being the most rational. In many cases, however, they don’t seem to meet the usual criteria for known natural phenomena.
    Thanks for sharing a fascinating sighting.

  2. something wrong there somewhere dave,if the object you sighted was of magnitude minus 10 then it wouldnt be visible to the naked eye,a person with perfect eyesight can barely make out even a star at minus 5 to minus 6 magnitude maybe you meant plus 10 magnitude ,even so if the object you sighted was of plus 10 magnitude at 100 to 2oo feet away it would virtuley be the same brightness as the sun,im also an astronomer of over 35 years and studied at two universitys studying phycics and cosmonoligy.

  3. @G Miller: Perhaps a valid point based on one’s experience. I need to learn more about this magnitude factor. Point me in the right direction. Thx

    @Dave Wilton: If you haven’t been seeing things in 45yrs then perhaps I have in just over a year…that may perhaps perplex you even more. How can I explain my corner…find my reports on this website, I’ve submitted a few now. My location is listed as Acton, London, W3.

    FYI I’ve seen phenomena that is associated to light in some form, several times, some are of very luminous nature – some like the brightness that you see from staring at the centre of a halogen bulb – at other times a stream of light zipping through the skyline. I had so many reports I started to post them now. But for some reason, this website is very slow at posting them up for others to digest more rapidly. This website lacks real-time delivery.

    However, currently, am using night vision goggles and seeing streaks / trails of light travelling at incredible speeds above my head in Acton, London, W3. My latest reported viewing was on SUN, 02-10-2011 – early hrs of the morning.

    Here’s is my most recent submitted report to this website..:

    At 00:24 & 00:57, was using my night vision goggles to hover from one point of the sky to the next…& this is when I noticed a trail of light…streaking across the skyline. One went heading in the general direction of Scrubs and Harrow Road, the first one towards Hammersmith. 🙂

    I fell asleep around 1am ‘ish after I went to lie down…but when I rose I didn’t want to. However, from 4am ‘ish I was standing outside with what was a very clear starry skyline ‘n’ with my night vision goggles ‘n’ trusted GoPro HD HERO camera ‘n’ what I saw was exciting…

    At 05:21, saw a fast moving trail of light zip thru the skyline.

    At 05:25, saw what appeared to be sky-crossing satellite somewhere in the general direction of Park Royal etc, I then swung round towards Ealing…and saw in the far distance two small fast moving pair of what I will term as star-dots really close together then actively moving away at an angle from each other. I then lost sight of them in a few seconds as they headed towards west London. It was still very dark around this timing ‘n’ due to the distance ‘n’ speed in question it couldn’t have been a bird, and certainly not a pair of planes / satellites.

    At 05:37, just missed recording a long ‘ish streak of light with a commercial flight I was tracking to the right of it, the Orion belt / constellation was somewhere slightly further to the right.

    At 05:39, after documenting the above, I started video recording in the same section of skyline…and as I was watching the same flight / plane as 05:37, another streak of light just crossed the skyline. 🙂 UPDATE: I can confirm the filename: GOPR2828. The speeding trail / streak of light is viewable on this file. It has been renamed to GOPR2828_2011-10-02_SUN – fast moving light. The file in question is 26secs long, and the streak of light appears very abruptly moving dynamically into view between the transition timings 7-8 seconds.

    At 05:43, I was tracking what appeared to be a fast moving satellite, heading towards Nth Acton. I was actually video recording it but I doubt this can be seen later on my PC screen as the GoPro HD HERO camera is not adapted for night time viewing i.e infrared; something I have to do something about! Anyway, these satellites are very hard to video because they are like very faint stars most of the time, although it is possible to track these sky-crossing satellites with the naked human eye, it’s much more easier when looking thru the night vision goggles I have purchase i.e (( Newcon Optik NVS7-3 / XT (N3XT4322) GEN3 Night Vision Goggles)). What I can say though with confidence, is that if the satellite appears Big enough ‘n’ the skies are clear like on a winters night, you can definitely video record them, as I done it once already!

    At 05:53, I was tracking what appeared to be a fast moving satellite but to faint to get on video for sure. I fink I have to upgrade my night vision equipment to include an additional lens with a x3 or x4 or perhaps x5 magnification lens, affordability permitting. Will look at prices shortly. 🙂

    At 05:55, WOW! somewhere between the Orion belt / constellation and what appears to be the largest brightest star to the right of it in the sky above, looking towards Ealing Broadway in the west of London, coming out of the blue…out of nowhere, I saw in my direct line of sight…an unusually slow yet elongated moving bright light which appeared to be below most commercial flights paths – this was similar to what I saw the other day but dismissed it because at that time it appeared to be falling out of the sky behind my neighbours tree which eventually obscured it out of my direct line of sight. Whatever it was it was very bright in it’s illuminance; it’s colour was a white yellow ‘ish light. FYI Illuminance is the measure of the intensity of light (also known as luminous flux).

    Well, I lost count of the total of viewings tonight i.e sky-crossing satellites numbered in the x5 to x7; at least x5 trails / streaks of light most moving too fast (in a blink of an eye!) with the exception being at 05:55…which I can’t believe I missed to video record it!

    ***The only thing that is different is I updated the typo 05:53 to 05:55. Thx

  4. Miller
    I think you have got your magnitudes the wrong way round. A minus magnitude is brighter than a plus magnitude. The Sun being minus 26 and the moon minus 13. Jupiter in the sky at the moment is about minus 4. Naked eye – you can see maybe down to plus 5 or 6 if you have very good eyesight. Like I said it was about magnitude minus ten which is almost as bright as a full moon itself. It really was that bright!!

  5. g Miller
    I think you have got your magnitudes the wrong way round. A minus magnitude is brighter than a plus magnitude. The Sun being minus 26 and the moon minus 13. Jupiter in the sky at the moment is about minus 4. Naked eye – you can see maybe down to plus 5 or 6 if you have very good eyesight. Like I said it was about magnitude minus ten which is almost as bright as a full moon itself. It really was that bright!!

  6. Please dont be suprised nobody else saw this on 1/10/10,an orange orb came accross the sea from Ansdell and followed me along Lytham beach right to the end just past the windmill,I stopped my car it also stopped alongside me it was just stationary in the air low down no movement no flicker it was big if you look at the lights on the path on the beach it was as big as the distance between the two it made no sound I had turned off my engine and opened my window and we sat looking at each other for at least 4min it was like looking into the hart of a fire it was the most beautiful deepest orange with red around it,it moved off when i heard a car comming.What stikes me is that there was nobody around 9pm on a friday night Lytham is usualy busy and it was a beautiful night,strange.

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