Preston, Lancashire-13th March 2011

Location of Sighting: Preston, Lancashire
Date of Sighting: 13/03/11
Time: 21:30
Witness Name: Paul Torevell

Witness Statement: My name is Paul Torevell and I live in Catforth which is situated just to the North West of Preston in Lancashire.
At approximately 21:30 on Sunday the 13th of March 2011 I was about to close the curtains of my front bedroom which faces generally East overlooking the Ribble valley with Garstang, Parlick Pike & Beacon Fell to the Left? Broughton, Longridge in the centre and Preston, Winter Hill, Bolton to the Right, the window provides an excellent panoramic view towards the East with no buildings/structures in front of the house. Just as I was closing the curtains I noticed what appeared to be x2 Chinese lanterns that seemed to be above the M55/M6 Junction, very low on the Horizon, the Right object began to rise and move steadily Right (South) which I thought a little odd as the other remained stationary (assumed it must have been caught in a higher altitude wind). I turned my attention back to the stationary object which to my surprise split into x2, both objects now gaining altitude? Now I found myself observing x3 objects, pale Yellow in colour, x1 moving South, x2 gaining altitude, at this point all objects changed colour simultaneously to a Lilac/Blue colour. I now realised I was witnessing something that was very much out of the ordinary, I have worked on some of the World?s leading military Aircraft projects for over 20 Years now and have also over 100 hours flying C-152 Aircraft, 6 Hours of which were night operations so I am very well versed on Aircraft capabilities and night operations.
At this point I invited my Son to join me, his girlfriend and another friend who were also in the house at the time. The two objects that had moved South began quite a large orbital pattern generally over the Preston/Ribble Valley area (it must be noted that range was very difficult to gauge and the objects could have been at a much greater distance) the other object moved North and held a position over the Garstang area at what seemed to be approx 3 – 5000 feet in a hover, this particular object was not strobing but remained a steady Blue/Lilac colour, no sound at all was witnessed during any of these observations. Meanwhile the other x2 objects began some incredible manoeuvres including stationary hovering, flying in close formation as a pair (seemed to be generally one above the other) and some very high velocity head to head passes, the objects were not strobing during these manoeuvres but remained a constant pale Yellow in colour. At times either object would illuminate extremely brightly as a flare would be observed at night. Whilst all this was progressing I became aware of another object approaching from the NE and others from the SE, I recall at one stage between 7 and 9 objects were being observed. The latter objects joining the ?display? were strobing multi coloured lights which, when observed through binoculars seemed to be rotational in an anti-clockwise direction, the colours seemed to consist of the primary spectrum colours, similar to a reflection from a multi-faceted diamond. At this point the aerial activity was quite intense to say the least with objects hovering, undertaking close high speed passes, close formation flying and the occasional display of extremely bright, high intensity flare like illumination, all the time the object to the North was holding station, remaining stationary over the Garstang area.
This continued for approx. 20 minutes when one by one the objects began to disperse and disappear by simply fading into the background, remaining objects continued orbiting and undertaking close formation, x2 ship Southerly tracks toward the Winter Hill transmitter area until these also eventually disappeared.
It is worth noting that one of the objects when observed through the binoculars seemed to have a spherical, transparent structure with a central, Gold coloured, bobbin shaped core that seemed to be omitting the multi-coloured lights striking and illuminating the external, transparent structure, another object at one point resembled an inverted Christmas tree, dark Red in colour, the problem was the objects seemed to be changing shape on a regular basis. In total the objects were observed for approx 1 Hour, 40 Minutes between 21:30 and 23:10, the incident was reported to local ATC authorities by myself the following day.
Needless to say it will take a while to come to terms with and try to draw any conclusions on what was witnessed, if ever for that matter.


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  1. Hi Paul. Great posting. We too have been getting a lot of ufo activity in the last 12 months or so in Staffordshire. Just check the postings. Along with mine from earlier last year. I used to spot them late at night back in the late 1960s and 1970s. But not on the scale we seem to have nowadays. As they say, 2012 beckons. I wonder if anything will actually happen…. Steve.

  2. Thanks Steve 🙂

    Yeah I know what you mean, I’m seeing lots of stuff now, just drip feeding reports onto site, can’t understand why more people arn’t seeing this stuff and it’s not being captured by the media? Worried me greatly when I first saw this phenomina, made me feel pretty anxious and vulnerable, it’s funny but as time passess you seem to doubt what you actually saw?

  3. I also had a sighting in the early hours of the 14th of March 2011. I was my lounge in Moseley Birmingham, watching a late night film.It was around 2.30 am. When he film finished I walked across the room to switch my television off at the mains, when I noticed my neighbours garden illuminated with powerful white light,it was coming through into my garden through the slats in the fence. I looked up and saw the most powerful beam of white light coming down into the garden from the sky at the height of the massive trees in the garden behind my neighbours the light was so bright it was blinding. I tried to look further and it seemed to split into two. Frightened, I rang 999 but they laughed and said that they could do nothing. I felt uneasy so I didn’t venture outside. Nervously I went to bed. I could not alert my husband, he had a 430 am start for work in London,so I did not dare wake him, fearing for his long drive.Over the following year all the trees in my neighbours garden and the one behind them died.

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