Pulsating White Orange Light-Warrington, Cheshire-20th April 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Warrington, Cheshire.
Date Of Sighting :
20th April 2020
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I’m an amateur Astronomer and on said date I was stargazing in my garden as it was a clear night. I was hoping to spot shooting stars as there was a meteor showing over that night and following nights and the chain of starlink sattelites.
I saw a bright light in the East at a height of approx 35 degrees. My immediate thought was that it was another iridium flare from a sattelite as I’d spotted a couple that evening. The light began pulsating rapidly different colours to a magnitude that was so immense, I was stunned as I thought I was witnessing a star going supernova. This continued for 30-45 seconds before accelerating at an extremely high speed to the South.
I ran to my front door, but could not see it. I went back to the garden, and after a minute of being a little perplexed, I began scouring the sky and after around a minute, I was stunned that the light just reappeared in the same area of sky where it had previously occupied. It was pulsating white and orange for around a minute before vanishing before my eyes. In nearly 40 years of stargazing I have never seen anything this strange, and it still baffles me as to what it was I saw.
It was during lockdown, so there were no planes or helicopters in the sky that evening. I was reluctant to share this, but I was hoping somebody else witnessed this?
Updated: August 21, 2020 — 7:07 pm

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  1. One of my personal Ufo sightings involved colours like you are describing here. This object was very low to the ground at around 100 feet and the colours very rich and intense.Furness, Cumbria-27th January 2012.

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