Pulse Of White Light-Caerleon South Wales-13th December 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Caerleon South Wales
Date Of Sighting :
13th December 2019
Around 01:20
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was in my bedroom watching the election live stream when sky lit up with what seemed like like a pulse of brilliantly white light. It didn’t look like a natural light like lightning and the night was clear and calm. I got up quickly to see what it was and just before I got to the window there was another pulse of ultra white light. I looked out of the window I saw a ball of light which was gone in a blink of an eye and left a cloud lit up. Then it went dark and all of a sudden I noticed that the street lights on the main road started to come back on one at a time. I didn’t even notice this at first because the house backs onto fields. At the same time there was a strong wind that died off quickly
I don’t know if I was stunned to what I saw but when the street light started to come back on it dawned on me that I had seen something that I couldn’t really explain.

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