Rainham-6th March 2013

Location of Sighting: Rainham
Date of Sighting: Wednesday 6th March 2013
Time: 20:20
Witness Name: Jason & Keen

Witness Statement: I was standing up overlooking the Thames at Rainham and watching the planes land at City Airport and , I noticed an object that caught my eye.
The object was Translucent and Shield shaped and was moving in a zig zag pattern, it moved really fast to a point stopped for a second and then shot off in a different direction. it took 4 moves to move across the spanse of sky that we could observe. My friend Keen saw the craft as well. The craft was a lot higher than the planes landing at city airport and looked nothing like them. The translucent shield shaped craft had no anti-collision lights and made no sound, it was not a light beamed into the air , as I saw the shape of the craft ( observed the underneath) and it was Translucent and looked internally lit. The only thing I can compare it to is the American hypersonic plane (Falcoln )that went out of control last year. This looked very similar to the drawings of the craft, I would say it was it in fact.



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  1. Jason
    How do you know about the Falcoln, what interests do you have?
    I doubt a hyper craft that fails to respond ater re-entry is capable of the movements you have listed.

  2. You would have heared a falcon trust me.

  3. Alec,
    I have no knowledge on how a hyper craft works, so please feel free to share your knowledge of Hypercrafts. I would welcome your professional input on their navagation capabillities… what qualifications have you achieved in this field of technology if you dont mind me asking.
    Kind Regards

  4. So jason, in the absence of any knowledge of the Falcon, how do you know it was that? By the way, Alec is not a debunker, so go easy on him 😉

  5. Col,
    Falcon HTV2 , does go through a glide phase as it enters earths atmosphere,and does try to cool its self off by thrusting point to point…similar to what i describe.
    Also, it is hypersonic, Daper where instructed to make the air breathing engine as quite as possible.
    Can I ask…are we talking about the same Falcon, or are you referring to a military Jet Falcon?
    As with Alec who commented, if you have knowledge on the plane, then please share with us.

  6. Jason

    In answer to your questions; I have an interest in military aircraft & teach A/C recognition.

    You state that the aircraft was higher than those landing at City Airport, yet it had no lights and the time was 20.20 hrs, so it was dark? Yet you said it was translucent? Where do you buy your glasses from? Or do you have exceptional eye sight?
    Gary / Col thanks

  7. Thanks Alec,
    bit out of order, dont think I was rude to you, just asking about your knowledge in the subject, which now you have explained that you dont know anything,has resolved that.
    Also Alec, I do have exceptional eyesight, and can see things very deep in space.
    Also, I believe that you should skip the eye test and learn to read. I did not say it had no lights, just that it did not have any anti collision lights attached, and it was translucent (look the word up)
    I have copied underneath to make it easier for you to digest.
    Gary /Col/ Alec….why dont you get a room guys…

    Alec: Ask a firend to read this to you… Gary and Col
    may be able to assist.
    The translucent shield shaped craft had no anti-collision lights

  8. “I can see things deep in space”?? You clearly are an intellectually superior being. Are you a relative of the redoubtable T. Wood?

    Say hi to your reflection in the mirror and meet your biggest friend.

  9. Gary,
    I am not superior, we can all do it Garry… I saw the sun this morning…. forgive me but where is the sun????… is it in your back garden?…. or is it , would you say ,, maybe..possibly…. deep in space…. I clearly have superior intellect than you my uneducated friend.
    Good day to you.

  10. I don’t call 93m miles deep in space, particularly when it is in our Solar System 😉 By the way, the sentence construction should be “……I clearly have a superior intellect to you, my uneducated friend”. I’m obviously a superior proof-reader THAN you,buddy ;):)

  11. well, I think most would agree the sun is in deep space, did not really think that through did you.
    Your right , you are more educated than me, and that is why you have to use smiley faces to communicate, I did not realise you was 12. ( smiley face, sideways wink)

  12. Now what was the sighting again? Oh yes, you said it was definitely the Falcon. Flying over London? Why no sonic booms? I would say it wasn’t, in fact.

  13. Thanks Gary,
    I shall draw a line under this and wish you all the best in your discovery of the Universe.
    smiley face (with shocked look)…
    All the best Gary.

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