Reading, Berkshire-23rd July 2016

Location of Sighting: Reading, Berkshire
Date of Sighting: 23/07/16
Time: 12:30am
Witness Name: Chris Short

Witness Statement: It was too hot to sleep so I stepped into my garden to cool off a bit. It was a beautiful clear night and as I looked up to the stars I saw 3 lights in an isosceles triangle shape, very low in the sky moving silently VERY fast in a completely straight line from east to west. Definitely not a satellite, or the ISS, or Chinese lanterns and not a meteor or shooting star, these were low and in our atmosphere. These lights all moved together as if joined. I am a keen photographer but even if I had my camera I doubt I would have captured them in a photo as they went so fast, I lost sight of them behind houses which obscured my view, wondering if anyone else saw anything?


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Updated: July 26, 2016 — 10:31 am


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  1. I was a member of the Hull UFO Society and back in the late 1990s, we used to regularly carry out sky-watch events. On one such sky-watch, we witnessed a similar sighting over the North Lincolnshire area (we were on the East Yorkshire side of the Humber, looking south). After some research, I established that a towed satellite system used for triangulation existed. It was named something like NOES or GOES, and formed a plausible (though not indisputable) explanation for our sighting. I don’t know if such a system exists today but it’s worth checking out if only to help to exclude plausible explanations of this latest sighting.

  2. Samantha Davidson

    Hi, as of 15th July 2017, I witnessed a very similar sighting outside my back door. Moving fast across the night sky, at about 11pm moving east to west at some speed. 3 lights in a triangular shape. Two of which were blinking red? Until it disappeared across the horizon.
    Within out atmosphere, two low to be within the normal plane flight patterns and not a helicopter or passenger plane?

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