Reading & Swindon-1993 to 2015

Location of Sighting: Reading & Swindon
Date of Sighting: 1993-2015
Time: Various
Witness Name: Debbie R

Witness Statement:I will briefly tell of my experiences.
Age 3/4. Living in Reading at the time, I was standing at the top of the stairs, early hours of the morning. Someone or something was stood at the bottom of the stairs, I couldn’t make it out but back then I thought it was wearing a pointed hat, but it spoke in my head and told me to go back to bed.
Age around 9. I was in bed and when I looked at my window, it was moving away from me, like a tunnel. I put my head in my pillow, and then looked up again, and the same thing was happening.
Age 21, my daughters baptism, very large white orbs are in formation over her which looking at the photos, moved. 1993, around 12:55am, on my way home from a restaurant, a very large UFO passing through Swindon. I believe residents in Swindon did phone in the radio station which at the time I’m sure was the Dave Barrett radio talk show. There was two very large white lights above, and two very large red lights below, all joined. I just sat and watched it.
My daughters first day at school, I have a photo of a white figure. I’m unsure. It’s as if I know a lot but feel so frustrated that I can’t find this information in my mind. It’s a feeling of walking in a room to do something but when you enter, you can’t remember what you was going in the room for! This happens to all of us, but this is how I feel when I know I know, but can’t remember!
From my garden, late at night in 2011, Oct-Nov- two very large orange UFO’s over Swindon, looked like they we’re dancing. I felt a tremendous amount of overwhelming love and excitement! I didn’t want them to leave! Both me and my partner saw them.
Days afters there was a black unmarked helicopter in the area, which my partner saw.
January 2012, an electric blue Orb again near my house in Swindon. Me and my daughter were in the garden, early hours and both saw it.
I have many photos of orbs, some with faces, and one that looks like a grey.
I’ve experienced being in bed and feeling paralysed, hearing a electric humming sound above my head, and a tremendous feeling of energy in my abdamon, and tingling down my legs, with a pulling feeling.. I made every desperate effort to move and speak. I Fought with all my might and eventually broke free. Yes, this freaked me out!
I’ve experienced this on occasions during the years from 2014-2015 but felt more as if I was coming out of something.
I can’t explain any of it, but can’t say I’ve experienced an abduction because I have no memory of this. I do obviously want answers, but as far as I know, it could have been caused by energy surges within the atmosphere! I just don’t know.


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  1. Hi Debbie,

    An interesting and varied report! There is much in life we can’t explain – the ways of the mind, for example, are still a mystery to us – but some things we can explain. Orbs on photo’s for example, are dust on the lens, nothing sinister. The physical orb you saw I can’t explain!The Swindon 93 UFO is well documented, and I would suggest had something to do with the nearby RAF base. As for your experiences when in bed and feeling paralysed, google ‘sleep paralysis’, as I’m certain this is the explanation

  2. Too many nay sayers and debunkers on here that think they know it all posting comments.
    Fact of the matter is, they know bugger-all.

  3. If that’s aimed at me, John, you clearly have not read my response, have you? Or, you blatantly refuse to accept the fact that ‘orbs’ are dust, and that sleep paralysis is a known phenomenon. I even accept I cannot explain the physical orb she saw, so how am I in any way debunking her sighting? The problem is, the likes of yourself are not willing to accept that there may be actual, reasonable explanations – in fact, there are likely to be – for most of the experiences reported on here; a UFO is , after all, something flying that is not recognised by the observer.

  4. i live near swindon n recently in the west berkshire area i drive through clear dark roads always looking at the skys ,3 times in the past month i have seen odd lights in the sky moving 100% NO transport they are just white balls moving very very bright and after a while a minute they just vanish , i took a photo in a field next to my house of 4 orbs in sets of 2 all level hovering about 2 miles out from where i am standing and they just vanished like a bulb turning out , just tonight i was looking out in my back garden and just see a white bulb like flash in the sky

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