Rectangular Bright Light-High Green Sheffield-Unsure 1994-1995

Location of Sighting: High Green Sheffield
Date of Sighting: Unsure 1994-1995
Time: 2000-2200
Witness Name: Jay Goodwin
Witness Statement: Sorry I am unsure of the exact date
I just wanted to see if this had been reported by anyone else.
One night I left Barnsley metronome and travelled towards high green on the A roads
I saw a very bright light in the sky in the distance. It looked like a very bright star low in the sky
As we got closer to part Tankersley we appeared to be getting closer.
Opposite the petrol station where the A61 meets the A629 there is a field with a water tower.
The object was hovering over the opposite side of the field where the wood line is
This field used to have cattle in it back then I believe.
The object looked rectangle in shape. And hovered about 50 to 100metres in the air
It had 2 rows of bright lights down each length. We drove into the woods and did a u turn to come and take a picture as there was a camera in the car. But as soon as we came back out the woods the object had vanished.
My farther said someone had reported it to the news papers but I never saw the article and would love to find out if anyone else witnessed this
It must have been there for at least half an hour.

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  1. I LIVED IN HIGH GREEN IN 74/75 I HAVE MEMORYS OF SEEING THE RINGS OF SATURN FROM A DARK ROOM WITH LARGE WINDOWS . RECENTLY MORE MEMORYS HAVE RETURNED OF PLAYING IN THE WOODS at high green WITH MY FRIENDS ian and wendy we found a round depression in the ground and we’re in the process of running up and down it there were markings on the ground and a bright light above us thats all i remember this second memory is recent

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