Red Light Moving In The Sky, Headington Oxford, 8th May 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Headington, Oxford
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
James Larminie
Witness Statement
At about 9:40 on Friday evening I went upstairs to our second-floor bedroom, which has north facing windows. It was a lovely evening, with calm air. The curtains were not yet drawn and the windows wide open. I was looking out over Headington. To my right, on a bearing of about 20 degrees I saw something in the sky. It was at about the height one might see a helicopter, but the light was wrong. Instead of a single bright spot, and usually flashing, it was very red, and diffuse, rather like a fire. However, hot air balloons do not fly at night. Also, I then noticed it was moving, far faster than something driven by the wind, but not nearly as fast as a projectile like a shooting start. I would estimate it initially as somewhere like over Bury Knowle Park. However, it began to move East, or but also getting closer, so more like SE, as if approaching the end of Lime Walk. As it did so it appeared to get a little lower, and the brightness flickered and faded. Then when roughly due north of me it went out altogether, also looking as if it may have gone behind a cloud, which was strange as that evening there was little cloud, and it was high. It did not make sense.
Reflecting on what on earth it could have been I continued to look out, and could see some of the brighter stars. Then much to my amazement I saw more to my left, as if about over Stapleton Road towards the lower end, a grey ‘blob’. Its place was on the trajectory of the previous object I had seen. There was now no light, and quite low. The object’s size was difficult to judge, as I was not certain how far away it was. However, about 2m diameter would be an estimate. Grey in colour, but then it was dusk. Its shape was not stable, basically spherical, but it was quivering slightly, and somewhat wispy, but moving far faster than the air. It was slowly descending, but its horizontal progress was about 10 times it’s downward speed. It carried on, in an ESE or perhaps SE direction, looking as if it were heading to come down close to Old Road, perhaps near the end of Valentia Road, or a bit nearer. However, it then disappeared from view.
The whole sighting lasted about 5 minutes, with a gap of about 1 minute in the middle when I could not see it.
Updated: May 15, 2020 — 12:11 pm

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