Rendlesham Forest-July 2013

Location of Sighting: Rendlesham Forest
Date of Sighting: July 2013
Time: Around midnight
Witness Name: Joe

Witness Statement: I was with a group of 7 people on a UFO watch in July 2013 and at the end of the evening as we were about to depart from the forest we observed a ‘Jelly fish’ shaped craft hovering in the sky towards the Tunstall area. The craft was changing colours and looked as though it was changing shape. We also observed a smaller object come from underneath it, fly to the right side of the craft and then dissapear back into it. Earlier in the evening we observed shadow figures moving very quickly in the forest and a sudden silence – all the insects and birds stopped for around a minute. We are all experienced paranormal investigators and are very careful to take note of what we observe. The forest continues to be a very active place.


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  1. Joe

    As it was midnight I’m not surprised the birds were quiet. I’m also looking forward to seeing the photos and your explanation as to why it wasn’t reported sooner?

  2. I think you saw what you were expecting to see.

  3. “We are all experienced paranormal investigators and are very careful to take note of what we observe. ”

    No pictures, Joe?

  4. Hi Joe,
    Very interesting observation from yourself and the rest of your group – but, what was the actual day and date in July 2013?
    (I used to be a member of a (ghost) paranormal group and this would have been a vital parameter to have been recorded)
    This information would also help to tie in any other observations from any other observers outside of the immediate area! -Paul

  5. As experienced paranormal investigators where are the pictures please. Do you think the object was trying to make contact using colour? Like a cuttlefish perhaps? I have a very important question to ask. Did the craft fly off? Or disappear? If it disappeared what colour was it just before it vanished.

    When is this all going public?

  6. You were on a UFO watch and witnessed all this? No photos then?If you’re an experienced investigating group, surely you would have had the equipment to record it all? I smell a rat.

  7. Hi Gary, yes a big one. Stacked cannon balls come to mind.

  8. UFO sighting in west Yorks lasting for aprox 30 mins Dec20 1980 for more information email me

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