Retford, Nottinghamshire-28th May 2012

Location of Sighting: Retford, Nottinghamshire
Date of Sighting: 28/05/2012
Time: 00:30
Witness Name: Steve Perry

Witness Statement: I was in bed, when our dog barked and i looked out of the bedroom window to check as 2 doors away recently have had a burgalry and saw in the sky a super bright green ball of light in the distance. I saw it travel at a great speed in the sky , then it simply vanished, i dont feel it was a flare or anything similar, there was no noise etc, and it lasted for only seconds, and didnt reappear, i cannot explain the sighting, but it made me feel wierd and shaky, i am a sane, perfectly level headed person.There is a small airfield nearby but i doubt this had any bearing on what i have seen,I have only ever experienced one other sighting in my entire life when younger and that still remains a complete mystery aswell, and that was in clear daylight in the middle of the countryside along with a parent who saw exactly the same thing !


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Updated: May 28, 2012 — 10:30 pm


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  1. I live in newark on trent and I saw the exact same thing on the 25th May, it was about 11pm I let my dog out before bedtime and I just happened to look at the sky and saw a very bright deep orange colour circle shape it was bigger then anything else in the sky, that’s why it stood out, it definitely wasn’t a latern I seen loads and know what they look like, it didn’t flicker, it was constantly bright, I shouted out to my boyfriend to come and look and it then disappeared immediately, it shocked me, cos I just knew it was something unexplainable, its sounds the same as what you saw just a different colour, also it was a clear night so I know what I saw, my eyes were not playing tricks on me.

  2. It my be same think that was registered on cctv camera at my work place in Loughborough (Leicestershire) on monday night 28/05/2012 around 00:10.
    very bright fast moving light taking into sky at very sharp angle.

  3. caroline i live in newark too and saw the same thing on 25th may ,i was driving down our street and in front of me was a big bright white/orange light ,after i had parked the car to look again it had gone ,it was in the direction of Bingham looking from newark…one answer i was given by someone is that i saw a passenger or cargo planes landing lights as it turned around the Bingham area to line itself up for approach to east midlands airport…these lights can be very bright when looking at them straight on even at long distance .this answer i was given does make alot of sense but still it was wierd to see..all the best PAUL…

  4. I find this amazing, different people at different places on the same evening witnessing very similar things !
    I cannot explain this “thing”, but as i have said, extremely bright, fast moving, no noise whatsoever, clear sky, no wind, i was wide awake, it was nothing i have ever seen on this planet before, it still makes me feel weird thinking about it, i am thinking of setting up my lads telescope in the area i saw it and stopping up to check again.

  5. Hi, this is weird. I live on the south coast (Bournemouth) and I saw something very similar. I had just got into bed when I saw a large light shot from west to east. It was between 00.20 and 00.30 (cant be too sure of exact time but know it was between these times as I had been watching a film which finished at 00.15). It was an off white light, and of a slighty elongated egg shape. It was extremely fast and then just vanished. Our bed is about 3 ft from the window, and it had vanished by the time I got up and looked out( my wife thought there was a spider or something in the bed because I jumped out of bed so quick). There was no sound at all and it was large (about an inch or so in length). We have Hurn airport nearby but it was nothing like the lights on an aircraft (for one they flash and this was a solid light). We have also had multiple lanterns in the sky and it wasnt this. It was a clear sky, and there was no “tail” emmitting from it. If you have ever seen a spotlight of a police helicopter, it looked like this (the actual light) without the beam of light being emmitted, and as I said there was no sound. I was not a helicopter though as it was too far, too big and too fast.

    This was definately not a normal aircraft, so as far as I am concerned it is not a case of mistaken identity.

  6. It would be interesting to know what size you guys say it is.
    I would say if I held a 10 pence piece out at arms length I would have struggled to cover it completely.

  7. Also what direction you saw it (south?)

  8. Hi paul – thanks for the explanation – its good to hear people have seen the same thing, I agree I can see some sense in that I saw it also in the direction of Bingham, but although u can see the explanation as realistic it then makes me think surely I’d see it more often. I’m with you steve I’m also thinking about setting up a telescope – its intrigued me. I find it absolutely amazing that we have all witnessed a similar sighting from newark, retford and loughborough, its good to hear from you all.

  9. i live near Bristol airport, and see plenty of varoius planes come into land, but none that ive seen use anything but a bright white light for thier landing lights, not orange and certainly not green.

  10. Rob – what I witnessed was situated west, also I can confirm your explanation if size (larger then a 10pence) would be exactly the best size description from me.

  11. Hi all, not seen anything else in relation to my post, checked with airfield nearby, no night flying from there permitted, checked trajectory of object, east to west, no flight paths, still a mystery, unsure of height, would say size of thumb tip at arms length ?

  12. It all started on 31/5/2012,I came out of my home in Lagos,Nigeria at about 8:30p.m. & as I looked up in the Sky..
    I saw a fast moving laser light.Moving in a Zig-zag manner making the impressions of a touch light on a dark surface.This lasted for several hours and the same laser light showed up again on the 8/6/2012.
    I’m curious to know what the moving laser light is all about.

  13. Hi, update, seen nothing else of importance, but in my original post i mentioned a previous sighting.
    I was 9 or 10 yrs old, sat on a bench with my mother, it was a nice clear, sunny day, no wind etc, we were eating a sandwich and just looking around when into a clear blue sky a round small “cloud” just appeared, from this , bright balls of light began to fall, then sweep upwards, stop and then dissappear, i can remember greens/reds/orange/blue and whites ! A very feint whoosing sound was in the air and a smell, similar to that after a thunderstorm for instance hung in the air afterwards.The sighting lasted approx 1 minute, then we were left with a clear blue sky once again.
    I can remember we both looked at each other, saying did you see that, what was it, i can remember getting really scared then, we packed up and went home, my grandparents told me to stop making things up, mum talked to them, then nothing was ever said about it again, even mum wouldnt say anything or disscus it with me again, if anything came on the tv relating to ufo’s we wouldnt say anything to each other, we would just look at each other and she would change channel or switch it off, this is the first time i have shared this with anyone else, your thoughts please ?

  14. Hi all… I live in Basford, I’ve seen 4 sightings within the last few months, 1st 14/4/12 sighting was similar to what Rob described a white elongated egg shape, I tried to put down to being a plane until a plane came into view & followed the path of the egg shaped craft, lost it in clouds after a couple of minutes. 2nd sighting was maybe even the same night as Caroline & Paul witnessed it, a bright orange light! I thought it was a Chinese lantern until I realised it was moving NE not up with no noise & also was travelling in a different direction to the wind! 3rd sighting looked like a bright star travelling SE no noise. 4th sighting 27/6/12 10:20pm a bright orange light again as before thought it was Chinese lantern until I noticed it was moving in the same direction as before, with no noise! This time it wasn’t as dark & I could make out it had a triangle shaped body but the points appeared flat & the orange light seemed to be underneath the triangle. (I cant believe I’m typing this) Can anyone else confirm or explain please…

  15. I saw four orange lights about 5 to 6 feet from the ground
    moving in a floating manner along the canal in retford,i then realised it was four blokes who had just staggered out of the packet inn smoking ciggies!

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