Santa Pod, Northhamptonshire-25th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Santa Pod, Northhamptonshire
Date of Sighting: 25/7/2009
Time: approx 11pm
Witness Name: Jason Thomas & Colin Grubham

Witness Statement: We were at santa pod raceway northhamptonshire over the weekend 24/25/26/july. on saturday 25th at approx 11pm we saw towards the north east two lights moving eastward then went westward a short way then continued eastward again untill they dissappeared these objects were a long way from us but we could see .that they looked lantern like in shape. there were two aircraft in the air at this time flying towards them.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: July 29, 2009 — 7:02 pm


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  1. Did anyone else witness the ORANGE ORBS at SANTA POD this WEEKEND (Sat 12 Sept 09 at approx. 8pm ).
    There were 12 sightings during the night in total, all rising in the west and heading into the east. Aircraft could be seen flying at the same time in this night sky which had some cloud but lots of stars visable.
    The ORANGE ORBS did not have noise/sound from them as they travelled across the night sky at the speed of a CESSNA light aircraft.
    Also they travelled into the wind direction.

  2. We were at Bug Jam one summer around 2000 i think, we were camped right away from the raceway right on the edge of a cornfield. It was a sunny day mid to late afternoon, I walked over towards the cornfield to throw some water away when I seen an orange circular object looked like 100 – 200 ft in the air coming towards us all, shouted out to get everyone`s attention.
    This object was silent probably the size of a large helicopter, 10m diameter approx, Orange in colour but kinda glowing like the hovered staionary literally just above us all about 50 ft away from us then just shot across the sky horizontal to the ground and parallel to the edge of the site at an immense speed and was gone in seconds, just a swishing noise, must have been 30 odd people who seen it, one guy was even shouting up at it “take me to your leader” funny at the time. Can still see it in my head as it was so clear. My now wife, her brother, many from our volkswagen club were absolutely stunned at what we all had seen.Only wished back then we had the camera phones we have today. I have started looking again as I have recently seen a few video of similar looking orange circular `Orb`type craft/UFO`s

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