Scunthorpe-21st November 2013

Location of Sighting: Scunthorpe
Date of Sighting: 21/11/2013
Time: 16.30pm approx
Witness Name: Steve

Witness Statement: I was walking in to my drive around 16.30pm when I saw this very strange light In the sky just above the roof tops on the bend of my street. The light looked like a blimp and it was flickering and moving very slowly. It looked big from where I was standing and I was about 100 ft away from it. The light then sank below the rooftops and out of sight. Now here is where it gets interesting . The object was above our steel works and whilst I was walking home three fighter jets were spotted heading towards the steel works around the same time I saw the object. Then in the early hours of Friday morning there was an explosion at the steel works which resulted in a fire. Now I know the object wasn’t a plane etc etc andf I find it strange it was hovering near the steel works and then the works suffered a explosion. Any ideas tto what it could of been please?


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Updated: November 27, 2013 — 8:57 pm


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  1. Sorry Lab Control, typo, that should read GOOD POINT.

  2. Paul,

    Fightercontrol is a fan forum, it doesn’t have access to restricted content such as QRA scrambles! Those on their may witness it, however.

  3. Hi SteveT,
    Yes, many thanks and I am aware of that fact – however, I did not explain that anyone commenting on there may be aware that something going on, but of course, (due to the classification of operations!), would not know exactly what was happening.
    All that I can say is after all, it may be an extra string to the bow of observations on a given date at a given time! -Paul

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