Seaton Deleval/ Seaton Sluice – 22nd May 2016

Location of Sighting: Seaton Deleval/ Seaton Sluice
Date of Sighting: 22nd May 2016
Time: 2230
Witness Name: Jack and Josh

Witness Statement:On Sunday 22nd May at 2230 hrs I was witness to unusual Nocturnal Lights/UFO.
I was driving from Blyth in Northumberland to take my friend back home in Shiremoor. It was a reasonably clear and dry night with some signs of murky cloud cover, enough to obscure some starlight yet the full moon was still visible.
As we exited the Laverock Hall roundabout (Western end of A1061) to turn south bound on the A192 towards Seaton Delaval we both saw a 5 second illumination of a bright white light in the sky in the direction of Seaton Deleval Hall, it was as bright as a car headlight.The light appeared to be situated maybe 2000-300 foot above the ground, in front of the cloud cover and appeared to be bigger than an ordinary aircraft light. This light remained in this position for about 5 seconds at an angle of 30 degrees from us. About 20 seconds later we saw the light again in the exact spot only this time the colour had changed to yellow. This 5 second flash of light reoccurred during the entire ten minute drive to Earsdon along the A192 and the colour was changing from white to yellow then to orange, again with a 20 second gap between the light illuminating.
I am well aware of the proximity of this occurrence to the flight path of aircraft using Newcastle Airport which is only around 5 miles to the west, however we both agreed that the light showed no similarities or characteristics to normal aircraft, meteors, Chinese lanterns, satellites, planets or stars etc.
Upon approaching Earsdon we lost sight of the object due to due to street lights and buildings obscuring it. About 20 minutes later having dropped my friend off and driving back home along the same roads I again witnessed the light in the same place however I only observed it once and it had now changed to bright red.
The light I observed had no indication of being from solid object, when the light disappeared from view there was nothing visible to indicate its presence, it was highly unusual and baffling. At around 2315 hrs I went out along the same roads with my dad to further investigate but saw nothing. It would be interesting to know if there were any other witnesses to this strange light. This is a genuine report however full names withheld to prevent ridicule etc.


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