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Shape Changing Dark Object – South Elmsall ,Yorkshire – 10th September 2018

Location Of Sighting :South Elmsall
Date Of Sighting : 10/9/2018
Time: 6.30
Witness Name: R Atkinson
Witness Statement: It was above me while driving and kept changing shape.It was dark in colour. It tilted and spun very slowly.About 200ft above me.It was maybe 20 or 30ft in length/ Width/ it looked like it was struggling to keep it level. It changed shape again to a more space ship looking object. Then turned slightly and flew off.It was truly amazing. The passenger saw what I saw

Updated: October 14, 2018 — 8:34 pm


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  1. A malfunctioning UFO 20 or 30 ft in length, over an urban area and no-one else saw it? What a pity your only corroboration was your passenger. File under sceptical.

  2. “It changed shape again to a more space ship looking object” – which is what, for example? As you’ve seen on Star Trek, say? There’s two ways I could respond to this: I could call you a liar and say you didn’t see any such thing, but then that wouldn’t be fair. I could also say that what you saw was of earthly origin, and nothing unusual, and here’s why: next to me is a big military airfield, where two Typhoon jets are in permanent ready mode at all times. These are your QRA jets – Quick Reaction Alert – and they are launched (or the two sister jets on similar alert at Lossiemouth) on occasions such as: unidentified aircraft in our airspace; airliners not responding; aircraft off their intended course. These two planes can be in the air in under 2 minutes from call, and anywhere in the country in 7 minutes. There was no QRA launch on that date, so there was no mystery aircraft in our airspace. That is as close to a fact as you will get.

  3. Hi Gary,

    Before you file this report under ‘sceptical’, aren’t you just a little bit interested in asking?:

    How the poster happened upon the ‘Object’?

    Was any ‘lights/noise’ observed?

    What was the thought that suggested the (object) was ‘struggling
    to keep level?.

    Like all these things associated with this phenomenon, there isn’t any ‘evidence’ to confirm this sighting, & even if there was bus full of people to confirm it, that wouldn’t make a jot
    of difference would it?.

    Forgive me, it’s just the general dismissal of sightings
    without bothering to ask any questions.

    As Allen Hynek said of ‘sceptics’.”It can’t be, therefore it isn’t”!.

  4. What a pity indeed Gary. File under cynical.

  5. STOP CHASING OUR TAILS… The fact that these objects are being seen by pilots is irrelavant. Military, private and commercial pilots are on record ad infinitum on this matter. The real problem we should be assessing is why do mainstream media, the FAA, NORAD, Canadian Air Safety agencies and investigative journalists continue to ignore these “events” instead of demanding Congressional and Parliamentary Investigation – not just about ‘meteors‘ or ‘satellites’ but about the over 1800 radar trackings of unauthorized intrusions into NORTH AMERICAM AIRSPACE each year… and 75 INTERCEPTS PER YEAR*. Reports like the ones cited here and by UK news outlets are useless and part of the cover-up because NOTHING repeat NOTHING is ever investigated OR, even if these incidents are looked at, no results trickled down for public examination. My suggestion: instead of muddying the waters about apparent sightings – begin – as I and many other serious researchers do virtually everyday – challenge the media and government official to bring these matters into the realm of public discourse at the level of things like the devastating California fires, silly diatribes by the child in the WHITE HOUSE, global trade agreements, a falling stock market etc. We must stop chasing our tails and immediately cease feeding into the distractions of the media and government news cycle and raise this issue to the status it deserves. (*See NORAD COMMANDER’S LETTER to me – last paragraph- )

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