Shard End, Birmingham-6th January 2013

Location of Sighting: Castle Bromwich/ Shard End, Birmingham, UK
Date of Sighting: 6/1/13
Time: 18.45
Witness Name: Tracey Cheshire

Witness Statement: I was driving back home and happened to glance at the sky and was somewhat gobsmacked at what I saw, I can only describe it as a group of approximately 9 static red coloured lights that were arranged in a perfect sort of chevron/arrow shape. There were no other stars or lights that I could see. I almost stopped a man to ask him what he made of it but thought better of it as I was alone. Instead I went home and grabbed my daughter to come and have a look but the lights had disappeared by the time we got there which was only a matter of a few minutes. I would like to think that maybe it had something to do with the airport which was in a similar direction but there’s no way these lights were related to aeroplanes or helicopters unless they’re testing an elite new model!!. It would be interesting to know if anyone else saw anything and to save my sanity!


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Updated: January 8, 2013 — 7:05 pm


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  1. Can you give an idea of the height, weather, distance from you etc?

  2. Hi tracey,
    What direction was the arrow formation pointing? was it low altitude e.g-500-1000ft or was it high up …what road was you on at the time(i know the area quite well as im from yardley) to me the flight path for the airport is above shard end and actually almost follows cole hall lane and its continuation heathland avenue so there is a lot of low air traffic directly overhead in that vacinity-im not saying it was a plane though -just fishing for more info – i saw a black triangle over yardley in nov 2011 in broad daylight but it had no lights at all

  3. Saw the same thing this evening at around 8 pm. Was outside in my hot tub nine dim orange/red lights in a v shape. Hard to guess altitude as no real point of reference.Maybe about 5000ft speed if at that altitude 200 miles an hour. No engine sound at all. It was travelling from the West then turned and went towards the South East.If it was at that altitude then it was a very big aircraft.This was just to the west of Bedford.

  4. Hi Tracey – thanks for putting up your sighting.

    There are some objects that are a collection of lights along a narrow body. I have seen lights along boomerang and V shapes. And once on parallel bars. The lights on the ones I have seen are generally quite bright and are a warm yellow, pale orange colour. You did not say if the lights forming the shape were close together or widely spaced. All the ones I have seen have been moving at great speed but some lucky people get to see them static for a short while and manage take pictures.

    It is interesting that once you have seen something like this it makes you pay more attention to stuff in the sky and you begin to see all sorts of interesting stuff – most of which has an explanation but some of which leaves you gasping. It is worth having a hunt on the Internet to find similar sightings – there are loads of pictures and videos out there. Anyway, good luck.

  5. Hi there i live in the bromford area and have seen the same thing floating in the direction away from the airport. I could be wrong but i put it down to chinese lanterns….. Id love to hear of more sightings am curious now…

  6. When i lived in Brum, i saw something similar to what you have described back in 1987/8.Cant remember the exact year now as its so long ago. i to just happened to glance up to my left which would be turning south and coming from an easterly to westerly direction was 9 red lights in an arrow formation . They made no sound as i could hear, and where traveling very fast and where very high up. My moms house is in Cotteridge, so im used to seeing lights in the sky , but they are normally planes. very interesting to know that other people are seeing these lights to. I told my mates who where sat down waiting for me , what i had just saw in the sky, and i asked them if they had seen it, as it was heading right towards them. No one else saw them. i never reported what i had seen to any authority.

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