Shepshed, Leicestershire-1st January 2010

Location of Sighting: Shepshed, Leicestershire
Date of Sighting: 1/1/10
Time: 12.05AM
Witness Name: Nick and Jess

Witness Statement: Jess and I had been relaxing at home on new years eve, neither of us drink alcohol so were were sober, a neighborough was letting off fire works to celebrate the new year so we decided to go and have a look.

While standing on the front lawn our attention was drawn to two orange lights just off to our left traveling approx north to south, at first we dismissed them as embers from a firework but the brightness lasted too long. As we watched the two orange lights move off to the south a third drifted into view from the north, this one was much lower and brighter than the first two, it was at this point we realised we were looking at a bit more than chinese lanterns or firework embers, we watched the third light for a few minutes before going back indoors.

The following evening I was walking the dog this time i witnssed a single orange light track across the sky again in approx north to south direction.

The following sunday I mentioned what we had seen at new year to my mother who promptly told me that my aunt had seen eaxctly the same thing in Loughborough a couple of miles away, this really got us wondering so I did some research online and found that many other people had been witnessing the orange lights in the midlands area throughout the xmas period.

We know what we saw and it was not a chinese lantern.


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Updated: January 4, 2010 — 9:32 pm


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  1. hey mate, thanks for posting your sighting, your right, loads of people seemed to have seem the same thing as all the statements arevery simlar. ive posted my sighting on here aswell, coventry westmidlands on the 2nd jan, so if you read that im sure it would be simlar to what you seen but i only saw 2 objects. thanks.

  2. That tallys up with what I briefly saw on the way back north on the M42 about an hour and a half later as my wife and I were travelling back from a new years bash near Lichfield.

    I wasn’t driving and yes I had been drinking, but I was fine and any way I’m so use to seeing these things now I noticed it straight away, at about 11 o’clock to me as I looked up and in the area of, I would guess, Ashby. Because we were travelling quite fast and it was at a distance of about 3 miles I didn’t see it for more than 10 secs, and although it was a single orange light travelling towards us I remember thinking it was in the area of east mids airport, but I can’t see there being any flights at 1.30am on new years day, and in any case, it wasn’t a plane. It was exactly what many people have described seeing over the past few months up and down the country.

  3. Hi Ricky
    Ive read your sighting and tbh Ive had pretty much the same reponses from ppl I work with though not all of them dismiss what we saw.

    I also have a keen interest in ufo’s having had one previous very real sighting a few years ago and a few more that I wouldnt be able to say were ufo’s for sure. However Jess though interested is not what you would call a ufo enthusiast well not until our joint sighting lol so she has been very objective about what we saw, I was the one who was saying “No they cant be unfo’s it has to be embers or somthing” as I am very used to having to think very carefully about what I see as a true believer.

    I was having a chat with a couple of mates before xmas about ufos one a believer who has seen many unexplained things over the year and one who was sceptical, the sceptic asked “Why would aliens come here and show their selves so openly” both myself and my believer friend replied “Because governments deny they exist and its the only way they can show they are real by being so blatant” he still wasnt convinced but Im sure the day will come when they appear to us very openly in more than a brief fly by, knowing governments though they will be greated with aggression no matter what their intent.

  4. Well the saga continues, walking the dogs tonight Jess and I saw another orange sphere along with a couple parking their car, yet again its course was north to south it was low and very bright. As you can imagine we were amazed at what we saw as we were not expecting to make another sighting this soon.

    We had made the sighting about 30 secs into the dog walk so on returning home I said to Jess Im going to stay out for a bit and see if there is another, she went inside with the dogs and within 2 mins another orange sphere this time even brighter and lower flew overhead again north to south. I shouted Jess and picked up the phone to call my parenets, my father answered the phone and I told him to go out and have a look, low and behold he saw it also.

    Yet further intrigued I stayed out a bit longer to see if there was a third 10 mins later the third did appear traveling exactly the same direction and speed as the prevoius two, I called Jess to see the third she was gobsmacked and so was I.

    I couldnt leave it at this point so I picked up my mobile and set up to vid a possible forth sighting of the night, I hung about outside for about 20 mins but typically there was no forth to film.

    Somthing odd is going on in our skies atm and Im expecting to make more sightings over the next couple of weeks, If I do I will continue to report them here.


    This is my reply to the post on Prison Planet Forum.

  6. Well yet another sighting lastnight 31/1/10 a single orange orb traveling roughly north to south at speed, Jess and I spotted it while walking the dogs at approx 8.45pm.

    With all the talk of chinese lanterns I made a point of noting the wind direction, this was quite obvious as it was blowing into our faces from a southerly direction as we watched the orb move to the south. So unless chinese lanterns are able to move against the wind at high speed we dont think it was one…no we KNOW it wasnt one.

  7. I saw a very similar thing tonight! I was driving down a country lane near the University campus at Sutton Bonington, when I noticed a really strange orange-red light in the sky. It was so unusual I actually stopped in the middle of the road to look at it! At first I thought it might be a satellite or a bright planet, but it was way too big and moving far too quickly. I was directly under the landing path for East Midlands airport (about 2miles from the runway), and could see plenty of planes around, and this DEFINITELY wasn’t a plane. I’ve checked the videos on here and it looked nothing like a Chinese lantern either.

    I know it couldn’t have been either of those things, for a start it was a weird colour, too big, and not moving on any of the flight paths that I’ve grown to know around here. Also, it kept slowing down and speeding up, and changes in velocity to this degree wouldn’t be discernible if it was a small floating lantern, considering there was very little wind. And we all know that planes always look like they’re going the same speed even if they change it considerably!
    I’ve been doing some research about it since, and it seems absolutely loads of sightings have happened in this area. It would be nice to find out what’s going on! But to be honest, I think I’ll be disappointed if there’s a normal explanation for it!

    This forum’s gone a little quiet, am I the only one with a recent sighting?

  8. Hi Sarah
    Ive not seen an explanation for what we have seen other than the chinese lantern theory which to be honest just does not fit the bill and Ive seen quite a few of these orange orbs now.

    I had to go out to my car at about 11.30pm last saturday, when i had locked the car I looked up to check the position of mars as it is still visible in the night sky and low and behold I saw another orange orb just disappearing to the south pretty much the same size and velocity of the others I have reported here since january.

    As I live 5 miles from east midland airport and all planes were grounded at that time due to the ash cloud it was the only object in the sky that night.

    Keep looking and you will see more activity in our skies than you could imagine, its not all planes, chinese lantens and satellites as alot of people would like you to believe.

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