Shilbottle-3rd January 2013

Location of Sighting: Shilbottle
Date of Sighting: 03/01/13
Time: 09:45
Witness Name: Paul

Witness Statement: I was walking from my car back to my houses when I noticed a very vibrant white ish light almost fluorescent in colour, it was traveling so fast and seemed to be so high there is no way it could have been a plane or jet, it flew so fast and then suddenly stopped still for no longer than a second before shooting back off in the direction it had came from and vanished, I’ve never seen anything like it before. If someone told me they had seen a UFO I’d just normally laugh and say whatever but now after my sighting I’m a lot more convinced that there is something going on.


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Updated: January 5, 2013 — 7:33 pm


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  1. An interesting sighting, similar to the UFO seen over the Tyne by the Look North camera.

    Its difficult to assess height at any time.

    Its also interesting that you saw the object close to RAF Boulmer and the Radar Head above Alnwick.

    Over the years there have been a number of sightings around the area, lights out to sea off Boulmer and there was a sightinmg of an object going into a field close to you last year.

  2. Iridum satelite passed over that area at that time…

  3. How would you know that Peter? You’d have to be there.

  4. Peter,

    I wasn’t aware that ‘iridum satelites’ can reverse there course in orbit!

  5. All we need now is Mary ;). Second Peter, would you mind including an initial next time you post, please. It’s not Peter W. perchance, is it? He of the Stone, Staffs. sighting?

  6. Interesting sighting Paul! Thanks for sharing it with us and please let us know if you see anything else!

  7. Intersting point Gary, there are many Paul’s on this site.

    This could lead you a merry tune!

  8. Peter (2) – ‘How would you know that Peter? You’d have to be there.’

    No, you just need to know the predicted times for a satellite to be visible from that area. That information is available on various sites online.

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