Shipley, West Yorkshire-27th February 2010

Location of Sighting: Shipley West Yorkshire
Date of Sighting:27th Feb 2010
Witness Name:Ms C Malko

Witness Statement:I was returning home after just dropping my friend off at her house in another part of Shipley when I saw what I thought was a plane flying past. A second look made me realise it couldn’t be, so must be one of the police helicopters because it had a shortish beam. When I parked up in my drive and got out, I listened for the tell tale sound of the helicopter. It was completely silent, this yellowy, orange light moving slowly along the sky was totally silent. As I was watching it another light appeared over the houses to my left, and then another, and then another. Four in all!! I rang my friend on my mobile and told her to go outside and look towards my house and see if she said could see any lights. She said she could and that they were in formation. I told her I was going to get my camera but as I looked up the first light seemed to stop and get smaller and smaller until it disappeared. When the second light reached the same spot it too did the same and disappeared. The same happened with the other two lights. We were so excited and mesmerized by this strange sight and couldn’t explain what they were and to disappear was even more exciting.


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  1. I have also seen a few of these ‘UFO’ sightings in the shipley/Bingley area. Although, some might say that they are ‘chinese lanterns’ the way they move is far too fast. However, it is very strange. i saw a few of them, a couple of nights in a row while dropping off my son. But it is very exciting, i have to agree and now i cant keep my eyes away from the sky. Fingers crossed… hopefully it is E.T.

  2. I too seen a strange light last night over Leeds, I was out walking the dogs with my two children when to my left high in the sky there was a bright orange/red light similar too a ball of fire this moved from one side of Leeds to the other in seconds and suddenly died out in an instant. My first thought was that it was a Chinese lantern but has look would have it I had one in the house so me and the boys proceeded to launch one in the sky to compare light/size/height and speed and the lantern didn’t look like it or go half as high and the colour didn’t match up either. The speed of this light was like nothing I’ve seen before plane/helicopter or shooting star and it died out as if someone flicked a light switch off where as a flame would die slowly this didnt. This led me and my boys to believe we’d seen our first UFO and we was all over the moon.

  3. Visited my parents tonight and saw what at first I thought was a police helicopter heading towards Baildon from Shipley. The speeds and direction confused me and the bright orange light was strange. As it got closer it was obviously not a lanten it then changed directon, headed for Idle then vanished. My Dad witnessed it as well. Very strange indeed

  4. i also have seen this three times now the best so far was the first i saw, i was walking back with my dog from her last walk of the night, wen i saw the starnge light there was no sound as i got to my garden gate i shouted my partner, her mum and son who all came out and saw it , it was no higher than 200 feet it was like glass ball about the size of a beach ball it went over our house then the light went out but we could still see the outline of the glass ball. we av also seen it a couple of times since, strange but very true…..

  5. I have had quite a few experiences with this “UFO”.
    I live on Keighley and on an evening usually just before 7pm you can see a large glowing object moving towards me coming from the south.
    I also figured it was a Chinese lantern but lastnight 29th November 2010 (about 6.45pm) I decided to study the glow because it was coming in my direction at a seemingly slow pace.
    After it approached it began to turn to wards the east.
    It was silent, not one bit of noise coming from anywhere it was completely silent.
    As it turned, it looked like a very large plane, with a large number of White, red, blue & flashing lights.
    As it turned completely around and headed east, you could see that it had a very large pair of wings, and what appeared to be 2 jet engines on the wings rather far apart, signified by the very bright circles under the wings.
    Something so large is bound to make alot of noise, but as stated before, nothing.
    Could this be some sort of new prototype military aircraft?
    The college who I called to this scene was astounded by what he was seeing.
    Has their been any new developments in this sighting? Or anybody with an aerospace degree that can fill me in on what this could potentially be, I’d be very grateful.

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