Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17/18-22nd August 2010

Location of Sighting: Shipley, W Yorks BD17/18
Date of Sighting: 22 August 2010
Time: 21.00 approx
Witness Name: Richard Farrar

Witness Statement: Looking south from my house, towards the moon at about 30 degrees from the horizontal, I saw 2 bright orange lights fairly close to the west of the moon. I initially thought these were planets and they were very bright, even though it was a cloudy sky. They did not move or flash and they were at a similar height to the moon. I went inside for a brief period, but when I came out again, they had disappeared. These might have been the same objects as seen in Milton Keynes from the south or Bury from the west.


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Updated: August 26, 2010 — 5:55 pm


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  1. 21/8/10 21:40
    I saw three bright red/orange roundish objects coming over Bradford/Shipley-Eldwick and went over Dobrudden camping, from south to north, one after another, at higher speed than an airplane.
    The lights were constant, they were at a high altitude, several miles apart, coming in a straight line, there were no sounds. I observed them from Dobrudden and it took a couple of minutes for them to fly from the horizont until Dobrudden.

  2. Charles Westerlund

    As I remember these objects(5 of them) were observed on the same night north of London and someone in Shipley also reported seeing them.

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