Shrewsbury, Shropshire-14th November 2012

Location of Sighting: Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Date of Sighting: 14.11.12
Time: 21:15
Witness Name: Darren Perks

Witness Statement: On 14th November 2012 I was at home in the North of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK trying out some new photographic and trail camera equipment. My garden faces to the North West and the light is relatively good. The weather was overcast with clouds but no breaks. The wind was approx 10 mph gusting at 15 mph. This image was caputed using a Spypoint Pro X wildlife camera which I had in my hanmds the time. Its a 12mp camera with a range of approx 20 metres but will pick up lights further away if they are bright enough, hence this image.
At approx 2115 hours whilst setting up my new equipment, I noticed 4 white lights at a low altitude moving across the sky from the West to North West and about one mile away from me. As an experienced UFO investigator I started to go through the usual motions of elimation as to what the lights could be. They moved slowly and steady in a North Westly direction but made no irratic movements. They were in a type of formation with 3 of the lights at the front and one behind. No noise at all and no clear structure of any kind. They moved along at about 500 to 700 ft altitude.
Definately not stars as this was below the cloud base which was at about 2000 ft and not aircraft or helicopters form RAF Shawbury as the lights were too big to be any kind of navigation or strobe light. I measured their size at arms length using my thumb as a guide and I estimate they would of been around the size of a large blow up beach ball at that distance but maybe slightly smaller.
Spoke to RAF Shawbury who confirmed that no aircraft were night flying. They advised that 4 other persons had contacted them regarding these lights in the North of Shropshire at about 2130 to 2200 hours. Those reports came in from the Baschurch and Wem areas which are rural communities.
Interesting one this and hopefully others may come forward with reports if they saw the same thing. But one I felt should be shared on the website for reference.


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Updated: November 18, 2012 — 9:15 pm


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  1. The reason these are not lanterns is because I physically took out my binoculars and looked at them. If they were lanterns I would have seen th flickering from the flame which is a tell tale give away if lanterns.

    If it was lanterns I would have me ruined this straight away without hesitation. By process of elimination I have ruled out aircraft, stars, lanterns and the ISS or related satellites. Bearing in mind this was way below the cloud base.


  2. You still haven’t said what you think is happening, Darren. Sounds like you have some inside information? Do you think these lights are ET surveillance drones or something?

  3. Warren: “Please understand when people suggest solutions they are not ‘debunking’ simply for the sake of it.”

    Well it often comes across that way! And although *some* sightings may be explained as Chinese lanterns or the ISS, I know that others are not as I have seen a UFO myself and I know they are real i.e. not man-made or of this world, but whenever I say so I get some clever clogs chastising me for my comments, hence my insistence to the contrary.

  4. Tick tock tick tock. What are they in your estimation, Darren? I’m not asking a trick question.

  5. Hi Gary.
    My personal view is that they are intelligently controlled and if ET then possible some sort of smaller research craft etc. Surveying or watching us who knows but the sightings are increasing.

  6. Darren,

    The sightings are increasing because more people are releasing Chinese lanterns.

    On a side note, I had a look at your website. How can a credible ‘UFO investigator’ who claims to take the subject very seriously include a section, without a hint of irony, on ‘Extra Terrestrial Species’? I mean, ‘The Council of 12’? That’s just nonsense, and seriously undermines your credibility at a stroke. Next you cite the Drake Equation as ‘a work of genius’, yet even the originator admits it is based on so many assumptions that it can’t be taken seriously as science! I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point – no serious investigator, i.e. someone who is looking to find the ‘truth’, would associate him/herself with the mumbo jumbo that you associate yourself with on your site.

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