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Shropshire UFO Sightings

We currently have no listings of UFO sightings in the Shropshire area past or present.If you are aware of any sightings then please let us know through our “submit sighting” form or by leaving a comment below.

Updated: September 29, 2008 — 9:38 pm

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  1. Shropshire, 12 miles from Shrewsbury.
    Around early 1980’s.
    I saw a massive ‘fireball’ travel at a very high speed horizontally from behind one hill and disappear behind another. I estimate the size of the object as around one mile in diameter. It had a ‘fiery’ tail/trail and was witnessed by myself and my brother. There were two other people present, but it was so rapid that they missed it. They may have blinked. It was a yellow/orange colour. I doubt it was a meteor as we would have all been wiped out in it’s wake. I know many people who have seen UFO’s in Shropshire and elsewhere, including members of my family.

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