Silver Circular Craft – Skelmersdale Lancashire-Approx 1975

Location of Sighting: Skelmersdale Lancashire
Date of Sighting: Approx 1975
Time: Early evening
Witness Name: Joanna Rowan
Witness Statement: Skelmersdale is well-known for sighting spaceships it is a very hilly place high up I was washing the dishes approximately 6 p.m. when I looked out of the window at all very large spaceship going over the tops of the lamppost with a fiery flame coming out of the rear it look like it had Windows going round the circle like a flying saucer there was a loud noise and it went towards Wigan, it was very find the next day as it was on the local radio stations news as an unidentified flying object flying over Wigan but I saw it close up it was definitely a silver coloured flying saucer very large with windows in and a fiery tail


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  1. I think I have read of this sighting before, a woman and her son reported it quite recently.

  2. I witnessed 3 large diamond shaped lights in 1989 as I drove onto the M58 from Skelmersdale heading towards Liverpool, it was summer, about 10pm . The lights were stationary. I actually stopped the car on the hard shoulder got out and stood looking at them until my mum called me back into the car

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