Silver Rectangular Object -Port Talbot -29th November 2016

Location of Sighting: Port Talbot
Date of Sighting: 29/11/16
Time: 3.25pm
Witness Name: Michael
Witness Statement: I was at work power washing lorrys when i saw something moving through the sky it was a clear day, cold but not a cloud in the sky and i saw a vertical rectangled shaped craft with a dome on top. it was silver in colour and it was rotating anti-clockwise and every time it rotated the sun would glint off it. it was reasonably low in sky and was around half a mile in front of me i stood there and watched it for around 60seconds as it flew over the steelworks it got further a way until it was out of sight. i was so happy as that was the first craft i’ve ever seen and it wasnt a light in the night sky it was a solid silver object moving through the day time sky. then i was just going to get back to work when a helicopter came up from behind the plant i work and was hovering right above me scanning the sky in the direction the craft had gone it looked around for 2mins before leaving over the mountain. i will remember this for the rest of my life i was amazing only wish i had more time to look at it.

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Updated: January 13, 2017 — 3:53 pm


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  1. Hi Michael

    Can you contact us at Swansea UFO Network – we’d like to meet you for a chat for more info – in confidence.

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