Silvery Grey Diamond Shape -Mouth of River Blyth – 8th January 2017

Location of Sighting: Mouth of River Blyth
Date of Sighting: 08/01/2017
Time: 13:15
Witness Name: Paul
Witness Statement: While sailing into River Blyth on a small yacht we noticed something in the sky to the South of us. It was bright clear and sunny day which made visability perfect.

The item was diamond shaped with silvery/grey rounded edges and sides. It had a strange blue haze or glow out of its trailing end.

We watched it pass over the yacht so looked at it from several directions for probably two mins. We could not identify it. It was hard to say how high up or large it was. Our best guess would be 100ft up and 30ft in length and traveled slowly.

We both agreed that it was not an airplane, helicopter or drone. It seems to hold its altitude, shape, made no noise and pass us at a regulated height.

It was travelling with the wind but did have the trailing blue haze from one end. Very odd.

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Updated: January 13, 2017 — 4:45 pm

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