Single Bright White Light-Plymouth Coast-8th February 2017

Location of Sighting: Plymouth Coast
Date of Sighting: 8 February 2017
Time: 06:15
Witness Name: Adam Gould
Witness Statement: Evening of 7 Feb 2017 whilst conducting training with an emergency service, colleagues reported seeing unusual white lights in the night sky off the coast of Plymouth that they could not attribute to aircraft, satellites, shooting stars or other known sources of light.
The following morning (8 Feb 2017) at the first hint of dawn in the same area I witnessed a single bright white light silently tracking across the sky at speed.
I witnessed the light for around 1 minute which gave me plenty of time to consider and analyse various possibilities:

1. Too low to be an aircraft and not be able to hear engines or see strobe light, wing lights etc. Just a single bright white light. The weather was calm and still so sound would easily have been heard if it was an aircraft.
2. Too fast moving to be a low flying aircraft or drone.
At one point the light extinguished as if it had entered some cloud but the sky was completely clear. The light then reappeared with the same intensity.
The light was tracking in a straight line from west to east and moving at significant speed. Witnessed by my girlfriend who was present at the time and ruled out the same aircraft possibilities as above.
I noticed as I got in my car and drove into view of Plymouth Sound that there were several warships anchored there. As a former naval man, I doubt the light was anything to do with the navy as it was too early in the morning and ships under training do not normally commence any kind of flying operations so close to land and at that time of the morning.

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Updated: February 8, 2017 — 10:14 pm


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  1. Further info update.
    Very hard to judge altitude of a single white light object but I would estimate the altitude to be less than 10,000 feet.
    I have since attempted to calculate the speed based on how long I observed it and the distance. Estimated speed 150mph. This would put it well within normal aircraft parameters but the absence of sound and the single white light does not fit… I believe that even military drones are unable to fly this fast and that they would display the normal navigation lights, especially over a major city?

    Another fact worth noting is that the light was visible in the same shape and intensity both when the aircraft was coming towards me, passing me and moving away from me. This means it must have been an all-round light and so would not be a search light or landing light. The light was completely static and clearly visible with no strobe or flashing effect.

  2. Adam,
    An interesting report, could you estimate how large the lights were? The size of a Car, Van, bigger smaller?

    I reported similar lights in 2011, if you look back through older reports you might see similarities. Let me know

    Alec Watt

  3. Checking warships for live warheads.


  4. Really hard to judge size when all I saw was the light and not any physical object it may have been attached to.
    Whatever it was it was definitely in controlled flight as it flew a steady course at a steady altitude throughout

  5. There are the same two objects as you describe very regularly hovering over Stonehouse. They are there right now. When I look at them through my binoculars, they are flashing with red and green.

    Look like satellites or stars from a distance that are moving.

    Not sure if they are just drones, but interesting none the less!

    Can anyone see these tonight?

  6. My wife & I saw a really bright object high in the sky positioned over South West Sheffield in South Yorkshire UK on 10th & 11th March 2017.I commented that “Venus is very bright tonight” but I then realised it was too high in the sky to have been a planet Venus & it was too near to us.Have read several accounts of similar (or same) sighting on Top Buzz. Anyone got any idea s please?

  7. This sighting is eerily like the one I have just posted from an experience in rural Northampton this weekend. Almost to the letter. It stood out a mile in the night sky. Super bright white light, at low..ish altitude, moving across the sky for about 40 seconds before fading to orang and vanishing. Below cloud level and silent.

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