Small Bright Lights, Bwlchadarr, Llangedwyn, Wales, 29th June 2018

Location of Sighting: Bwlchadarr llangedwyn
Date of Sighting: 29th june 2018
Time: 1am
Witness Name: Nicolas barlow
Witness Statement: One small bright lights was crossing the night sky on a normal trajectory,it then started to make impossible turns and continued in the same area ,after 10 minutes of watching it another larger bright white light appeara bit closer to me (but above airtrafic lane) started making similar movements, I was standing there in bewilderment 4 commercial planes flew over and the 3 more and then increased activity of normal planes heading in similar headings..for over 30 minutes possibly 15 planes ,,all the while the afore mentioned lights did whatever they where doing..and faded from sight,,I don’t normally subscribe to UFOs etc and quite sceptical on the subject.but I cannot explain what I saw ,I now have a firm belief we are not alone,even if it was experimental aircraft,,there’s no way it’s been developed without unknown technology to counter the g force the assumed aircraft must have been pulling…still quite bewildered,and my mind is trying to convince me of logic..but it simply defied it ..I hope this is of use to someone

Updated: July 19, 2018 — 10:16 am

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  1. Did I look like this?

    I saw the same things you described and I’ve never managed to catch it again or read a similar account until now.

    Amazing yet unsettling at the same time, stoped me dead in my tracks.

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