Disc Shaped Object – South Wales – 3rd January 2017

Location of Sighting: South wales
Date of Sighting: 03/01/2016
Time: 01:25am
Witness Name:FM
Witness Statement: I was up really late and i needed to use the bathroom so i got up and my side of the bed is by the window, so i had a look out. i saw an object shaped like a typical space ship would look, but it had blue and red lights and appeared to be coming towards me. i watched it for a while and then left to use the bathroom and by the time i had returned (5 minutes later) the mysterious lights had almost disappeared into the distance.


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Updated: January 13, 2017 — 3:47 pm


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  1. Hi Sophie My names Glen Richardson I’m a UFO Investigative Researcher From Hartlepool, UK. I would be very interested in hearing more about your experience. Please email me on glen.richardson07@gmail.com or glen.richardson75@hotmail.co.uk.


    Glen Richardson

  2. Sophie your sighting reminds me of New Years Eve 2010, when I looked out of a window and saw Orange lights coming over the house towards the green in front of us. I then looked out of another window and more lights were coming from different directions towards the green. I looked through binoculars at one of them and it did not look like a lantern. All the lights seemed to disappear over the green. It was strange, we have moved house but I still remember it as it was puzzling. This happened in West Sussex.

  3. On Friday 13th August 2010 i was in the back bedroom of my house in Bolton. I looked out of the window and could not believe what I saw. Bright lights in the sky lots of them two or three abreast flying over the house. After about five minuets I called my husband. I was recovering from brain surgery and needed some support. My husband witnessed this and we went outside in the garden. There was no sound at all and just kept flying over the house. It was very strange. We reported this incident to the ministry of defence who said they were not monitoring UFO’s any more. I think people who report UFO’s are at risk of being humiliated or being categorised as being crazy. This incident was strange. Why should we be the only planet in the universe to have any form of life?

  4. “It was NOT a lantern!”

    Are you absolutely certain they (you saw more than one, after all) were not lanterns? The first one took two minutes to clear ‘all the houses’; how many houses, so we can gauge an approximate distance? Also, were the second and third sightings travelling in the same direction? I’m not sure what your weather was like in Kent on that day, but up here it was VERY windy. Lanterns are driven by the wind, so would move quickly. The colour, the description, all point to lanterns, surely?

  5. FM – where in Gwent do you live?

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