Solid Dark Object-Fleet, Hants-26th January 2017

Location of Sighting: Fleet, Hants
Date of Sighting:26/01/2017
Time: 9PM
Witness Name:Carolyn Gray
Witness Statement: I was looking skyward, watching a small plane across the night sky, as my dog had barked. My neighbours garden is lit skyward. The plane was heading NW when in my peripheral vision, from E to W a dark object went past at speed. It was about 100 – 200 feet up, no lights but the base was lit somewhat by my neighbours lighting. Too fast for a bird and not the impression I got. A solid dark object, with what seemed to be a square’ish bottom, possible it had triangular orientations about it though. It happened so fast. A UFO in that I can’t be sure it isn’t man made. Not a drone from the high street as it was solid with no detectable camera function.

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Updated: January 27, 2017 — 10:50 pm

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