Solihill Railway Station – West Midlands – 10th December 2008

Location of Sighting: Solihull railway station
Date of Sighting: 10 December, 2005
Time; 11am-midday
Witness Name: Daniel
Witness Statement: I was waiting on the platform to catch the train to West Bromwich Albion to watch the Premier League game with Manchester City. The platform was very busy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw three silver objects, in perfect formation approaching. They looked as if they were made of tin-foil, and I initially assumed they were balloons, but the formation was so tight and crisp, and the motion was so controlled, deliberate and fast, that I have long since ruled out these being balloons carried on the wind. Both speed and altitude remained constant, and far too fast to be being blown on what was a very light breeze.

I remember the three were all distinctly different shapes, not especially aerodynamic-looking, but very “flying saucer-y”. Size-wise, I’d say each was roughly the size of a Mini, maybe smaller. What was especially strange was that not one other person appeared to notice them, even though they were passing directly over the railway line and I’d estimate the height to be well below 1,000ft. It felt as though everyone else’s eyes were suddenly glued to the platform and it was a demonstration just for me!

Genuinely no idea what they were. Probably a very logical explanation, but then again…

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