Solway from Workington-14th March 2013

Location of Sighting: Solway from Workington
Date of Sighting: 14/03/2013
Time: 1945-2035
Witness Name: A.Collins

Witness Statement: was walking dog with my son, i could see orange lights appering then dissapeering,two at first. Then one turned into three in a triangle shape then a square shape then 5 vertical lights then they would appear in different places they were far away from us but you could see the movement at one point about 20 lights appeared in a cluster round in shape but not perfectly,thats when my son ran home screaming aliens. more people seen it then us it went on for ages about 40 mins.


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Updated: March 18, 2013 — 9:49 pm


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  1. Did you have time to take any photo’s or video in the 40 minutes you could see it?

  2. 40 minutes? So we can look forward to some great video and photos of this. Did you have a camera phone on you? Have you asked other witnesses present to post on this site? Some of them may have had a decent video camera like a iPhone.

  3. Hi A, your not seeing the wind farm in the distance, they have anti collision lights; support vessels in heavy seas or the RAF range at West Freugh?

    Allegedly, a famous UFO sighting took place here in 1957 and a large object was tracked passed 50,000 ft by numerous civil and military radars that cover the Irish sea.

  4. sounds like a party letting off ,lanterns

  5. I had a sony xperia tipo which has a 3.2 mega pixel camera and it did not even pick the lights up only the street lighting closer to us they were that far away,I see the coast line every day and night and i always look over there so i know the wind farm lights they dont move and were miles away to the east.Some of the lights lasted seconds others remained constant for 5-10 minutes.The coast line at that point of scotland is about 20 miles away i would love to set some lanterns off over there to see what it looked like from here in england, i thought they could be lanterns/flares at first but they acted unlike any lanterns or flares that i have seen myself. It was witnessed by a neibours family who’s house faces the coast they had been watching them before we had arrived i will ask them if the have any footage of it.i would not waste my time if i could explain this.

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