Son Parc, Menorca-12th September 2010

Location of Sighting: Son Parc, Menorca
Date of Sighting: Sunday 12th September
Time: 2100
Witness Name: David Leach

Witness Statement: I stumbled on your forum after searching to see if anybody else had seen UFO sightings over Menorca.

Whilst out walking with my wife in the Son Parc area of Menorca on Sunday 12th September 2010 at about 2100 hours, my wife at first saw a bright light shoot across the sky, it was actually a beautifully clear night full of stars and we were watching aircraft travelling overhead at the time, I didn?t see it the first time, anyway on walking back to our apartment I looked up and noticed a bright white light travelling very slowly in the clear night sky, my wife looked up and we both watched as it travelled slowly and faded and disappeared, it was like turning down a bright light with a dimmer switch, it just faded and disappeared, it wasn?t an aircraft,and from bright light to nothing took just a couple of seconds,it was a very surreal experience.


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Updated: September 17, 2010 — 4:48 pm


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  1. Actually, yes I had a close encounter with a UFO in Menorca in 1979 when I was 13 years old.Location Cala Galdana.Date 21 of July.
    I was watching the stars form a pretty high balcony overlooking the bay. One moved upwards and up until it was above a group of stars and within less than a second I suddenly had this huge aircraft/shape (?) in front of me. Really close. It spriralled away slowly until it was out of sight.
    There was very little to speculate upon, it was so in my face.
    It looked a lot like the Belgian triangle.Geometrical shape with lights in the corners and a dome/circle shape in the middle. White light emanated from within the shape. It looked transparent.
    Never seen anything like it again.

  2. Hi David, I have found your post in the same way you searched.

    We returned home a few days ago after staying in Playa De Fornells (for non-Menorca visitors, just a few miles from Son Parc).

    Having seen a 100, maybe a 1000 shooting stars in my lifetime, I tend to know what i’m seeing. However, what I saw on the 12th September at about the same time is what looked like the brightest star there’s ever been in the sky being just slowly switched off. There had been numerous shooting stars that night, and the nights before, but this didn’t move in any direction. Just one minute ‘ON’ the next ‘OFF’.

    My only thought at the time is that it was a ‘shooting star’ entering Earth’s atmosphere at exactly the same line of entry as our line of sight – but what would be the odds of that?!! Surely there would be some movement due to the curvature of the Earth?

    I’d love to hear any more on this, and if there’s been any other reports.

  3. Just realised you saw this last year, but on the same date.

    Just a coincidence i’m sure…i’ll keep on hunting for further info.

  4. Hiya, Just came across this My partner & I were staying Beach club Son Parc, as we both looked up to the sky, looking at what we thought was a very bright star? Started to move slightly then just fade away!!! where the hell it went we have no idea, it was not a shooting star!.. Date of seeing the Star thing!! 9th September 2019.

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