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South Ashford, Kent-21st March 2009

Location of Sighting: Woolreeds Road ,South Ashford towards the town
Date of Sighting: 21st March 2009
Time: 7.50pm
Witness: Margaret Walker

Witness Statement: Myself and a friend watched for almost 2 hours and saw with the naked eye a trio of lights moving upwards downwards and sideways at speed, it hov vered and hung in the sky . I took several photos of it and have had some enhanced. The actual footage is still on my camera should anyone wish to check its authenticity. With the naked eye and through binnoculars there was a white light top to bottom which was then added by an orange light and then a flourecent blue light. When we downloaded the shots onto the pc there are several orb type objects smaller but similar to the big one.

Photo showing one large and two smaller orb like objects

[singlepic id=40 w=320 h=240 float=]

Cropped and enhanced close up

[singlepic id=39 w=320 h=240 float=]

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Mags,

    Many thanks for the pictures.

    The orb like images are normally associated with digital camera lens flare .This is not an uncommon phenomenon on night shots taken with digital cameras taken close to a light source such as a street lamp.

    We recently had a sighting report from Long Ditton regarding an orange object (possible chinese lantern) in the night sky. If you look closely at the photo submitted with the sighting record there are also orb-like images present.

    The strange thing is though that you witnessed the large orb like object for 2 hours with the human eye. Is that correct? Were you inside your car when you took the photos/witnessed the object? Was it possible to judge how far way it was and how big?

    I have come across a video on the internet which seems similar to your sighting. If you get a chance please take a look at and let me know what you think.

    Andy-Sightings Editor

  2. Hi Andy,( oh bugger ! ) I thought I had actually captured it on my camera, the ditton link is the same as mine with the orbs so it must be a digital camera flare then .

    But! yes I did see it with my naked eye and so did the chap up the road who came and told me to look at it, he watched it for about 2 hours altogether. I also looked at it through binoculars and we both discribed what we saw together in case we were imagining things ( re the changing colours and shape )
    It was a round red/orange light at first then a pure white one then the three lights came on in sequence white red and then it was joined on the left side top to bottom with a neon bluey green colour that actually looked a banana shape.

    The object moved upwards and downwards side to side very fast and thats what made me realise it couldn’t have been a helicopter (which was my first though when Ben told me to go outside and watch it. )
    I was not in my car I was in my front garden and the picture of the orbs isn’t at all like what we actually watched.We saw a solid light/s and fast movements. I cant tell you how high it was as I have no concept of height in the sky, lower than a passenger plane but about the same height as a small private plane except a plane couldnt have moved like that did.

    Ive just watched the walsons video ( pity the other ones at the bottoms been removed ) but that is what we saw except the lights were different colours, when Walsons video ended thats what the pictures that I took look like, ( coloured orbs ) this is all so mind boggling .

    An avid ufo watcher friend of mine has a superb enlarged picture of one he saw last year over hamstreet that is surrounded by what appears to be flames. Its not online as he had it printed off, I could try scanning it for you to see if you want me to but I wont see him until thursday . …sorry this is so long an email but its hard to describe what I saw in an email … thanks for sending me the link etc I find this all facinating and firmly believe there are ufos’ out there , all the best Mags.

  3. The orb in the photo is just an out of focus moisture droplet catching the light of the camera flash. It’s a common camera effect, try shooting a photo with flash in the dark when it’s raining, you will see hundreds! Can’t see any other lights in the photo.

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