South London-23rd November 2011

Location of Sighting: South London
Date of Sighting: 23rd November 2011
Time: 4:45pm – 8:15pm
Witness Name: Terence

Witness Statement: It was partly cloudy last night & went outside to smoke a cigerette. My Back garden faces North & I have a clear view to the North & East skies. We do have air traffic that goes accross but this was Circling slowly & changing from a Solid Red to a Solid Green while doing so. I got my wife to confirm this with me & also my 7yr old Daughter came out to see. The object carried on circling for the next 3 hours I would say, yet sometimes it would disapear all together. Please can I say. There was no sound. we could hear aircraft when they were present yet this did not emit any sound at all. I went in & out of my house over the next 3 hours or so & at 8:15pm when I went to look, it had gone. I checked online for similiar sightings or military aircraft that would look like it, yet I could not find any? Just wanted to know if anyone else had seen this & maybe have any idea of what it is. I always look at the night sky when outside smoking a cigerette & have seen nothing like this before.


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Updated: November 24, 2011 — 9:45 pm


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  1. saw the same thing

  2. me and 2 friends who i was with saw the same thing in south london that night. no idea what it was but definitely something ive never seen before.

  3. Hey guys, me and my friend went to winter wonderland last night, around 9 pm we both seen this white object spinning around the sky, im freaked out!

  4. Thx guys for your response. At least now I have conformation on what was seen.
    Just an update. its 4:00am 26th. Seen it again twice. seemed to be there 1 second & then disapeer & then back again circling. last night it was was a few minutes. seems to be travelling fast.
    Also Again tonight just now. I dont sleep well & went for a cig. Clouds are low & this thing was below them. same cirle movement.
    Cant figure why no-one has not come forward with anything.?
    Also noticed last night that traffic had been diverted? Air traffic noramlly goes in a diagonal accross my back garden, yet last night it seems to have been move the planes are flying different flightpaths now from a couple of days ago?


  5. hi, same thing seen over morden surrey and wandsworth twice this month. map its a light aircraft mapping or traffic reporting.

  6. its seems to a twin propeller aircraft that only seems to appear when heathrow are using both runways for landing at the same time.

  7. Hi terence

    This is a very common sighting, i have seen this my self on several times.
    But the best sighting was in dorking something i have writen sent this website.
    It was not moving for about 45mins, i was with my girlfriend of which has a pilots licence, and my mum, we had a pair of binoculars and the colours that it was pulsing was red,green,white and blue.
    I say pulsing it was a ery very high powered light as if it was highly charged, not like an airplane light.
    i can tell you this did not move at all, i went out side and lined it up against the roof of my parents house and stood there for 5 mins and did not move.

    this was ery low in the sky, very strange.

  8. I have observed at least3 USAF VTO craft operating in the south london area, out of City Airport! and have film evidence to support the theory that someone probably USAF in assoc with various agencies will be staging an Alien attck sometime soon. Other than that, another theory is that they are planning an arial display for the olympics. be safe M

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