South London-early 90’s

Location of Sighting: South London
Date of Sighting: early 90,s
Time: dusk summer
Witness Name: lee

Witness Statement: This sighting is compleatly true and stems in two parts, I was 16-17 ud think id remember living in s.e. london around the Crystal Palace area, which is one of the highest points above sea in the s.e.
The first encounter sounds so stereo typical infact the whole episode can sound barmy but you have to believe that i am now and have been sound in mind, and could retrace mates i was with to back my story even tho i moved away from the area in 93 and have lost contact with them, the main witness would be my old pal nikki i could give his surname but i wont. I hav,nt seen Nikki since shortly after the incident and i swear if we were not to meet and you put us in diff rooms the story would be the same you could rig us to a lie detector ,hypnosis whatever this we actually saw. ANYWAY.
A couple a days before the main sighting me nikki andrew terry was driving there was someone else i think david were in a car driving alongside the wreck when the car was filled with the brightest white light imaginable it dint hurt ya eyes lasted all but a second but completetly vanished all but this whiteness, terry driving stacked the car not badly but he left the road and went up onto the pavement we were all freaked but young some dismissed it instantly but we couldn,t say what it was.
A few days later me n nikki had been hanging out all day and as the sun wassetting i was looking out of niks bedroom window which had a vast view of the sky and the horizon ,i was trecking the flight of a plane sayig to nik wish we were on it when i noticed a real bright wat i thought must be a star just under the faded cresent moon i told nikki to come check it out but he werent intersted, this thing was bbright like how the north star is in the sky but clearly orange. I came away from the window and back in the room facing nik less than a minute passed and the whole room was filled with this unbelievable white light ,as soon as it stopped no more than a second or two i remeber nikki looking at me in dred we both rushed to the window i looked straight to where i saw the orange light nut it had vanished, we were obviously freaking out and as we scanned the horizon directly in front of us miles and liles away looked like star distance the orange light appeard this thing was literally bang in front of us it bolted diagonally acros the horizon covering a massive distance in a blink of an eye stoped dead bolted several more times diagonally in diff directions and on its last move came back exactly bang in front of us we were freaking right out and as we stared at it it was getting brighter i remember shouting so to nik, he was pretty quiet, as we looked on we quickly realised that this was not still and getting brighter but actually coming closer we watched as what we thought was a ball of orange light actually become the bright orange lighted pointed nose cone probaly the lenght of trafalgar square as this thing came closer we are now talking its coming right over nikis house about three times the height of his house above us travelling absoulute dead silent and slow enuff for us to be hanging out of the bedroom windows looking straight up underneath it clear as day behind the orange front was a vast black nuffiness shaped as a triangle absolutly massive only visible against the backdrop of sky and completely without any features it looked like there was a gigantic void in the sky about 3 football pitches , as it passed over, at the back end the flat end there were a series of about 4-5 rings going down into a pointed cone , each ring were made of balls of light with nothing connecting them and each ring was spinning in a differnet direction to the next these rings were the brightest blue ,yellow and i think there was another colour , we both watched it go out of distance over nikkis roof, ill always remember nikki looking at me and saying that never just happened, i replied with something like it fing did and as niki flew down his stairs to scream to his family i bolted out the house and ran home without stoping absolutley petrified a good 3 odd miles, all the time checking the skies i told my parents and a obviously the next day me n nikki told a few people nikki was in a sort of denial he just couldnt get his head round it, the thing that really backed me up in my own thinking was that that day i was round andrews house and his dad had a talk show on his radio playing as i walked past the kitchen i heard the subject they were disgussing was the sightings of u.f.o,s over scotland the previous night. Believe me or not im not bothered it happened but what i would love is further confirmation i suppose thats our nature that and the fact that i aint seen nikki for over 15 years so i havnt been able to get his view. one things for sure what we encountered werent no man made thing we simply could not withstand those movements and ceate something that silent and fast.


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  1. Thanks for your down to earth comments.
    I have not had any other experiences that I know of and i have to agree that the fact about the light almost telling us to look makes feel like it was ment for us.
    I do have a pheory that i heard recently that perhaps these were not “little green men” but perhaps ourselves in the far future, able to time travel but unable to interact. Perhaps because it may alter time.
    Maybe this is why only some see… i mean this happened on a council estate in South London with hundreds of homes and people and only me a my mate saw….
    Einstein rekoned time travel possible….n he weren’t wrong about many things.

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