South Norwood-16th January 2012

Location of Sighting: South Norwood
Date of Sighting: 16th Jan 2012
Time: anout 17.30pm
Witness Name: Cheryl

Witness Statement: I have been seeing these two bright lights in the sky since august around the time of the riots. so i regularly look out for them, i personally don’t believe that they are stars, aeroplane or helicopters – (trust me I have made the comparison) because they are so much brighter than the rest and they are never in exactly they same place, they move dramatically. I consider myself a bit of a star watcher for most of my life I love to look up there so now I look out for them, and these last few months these two lights are there consistently every evening. Anyway on Monday it was my daughters birthday and she had a party, at one point i opened the front door to a guest, as I was closing I noticed one of the lights was directly in front of me up in the sky. So I gave it a wave (like I usually do) and closed the door later that evening at about 8pm, I was putting out the party rubbish and naturally I glanced upwards to see the light and noticed that it had moved considerably to the right, and was no longer directly in front of me.


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Updated: January 18, 2012 — 10:17 pm


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  1. Are you reporting seeing a star?

  2. At that time of the evening it is most probably Venus on
    your right and Jupiter on your left and slightly higher.
    They are the only objects visible in the sky at that time.

  3. Wouldn’t like to comment on the sightings dating back to august but the
    5.30pm one on the 16th sounds like Jupiter. It would be high in the SSE
    at this time and would move right, with all the other celestial objects,
    as the evening wore on.Venus another candidate would have set by 8pm
    so would rule this one out.

  4. I See them they was UFOs Go Google it put the Date in , Check You Tube as well. They was not Stars or Planets they’ 100 percent UFOs and seen and filmed by many across the Country.

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