South of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex-14th May 2011

Location of Sighting: South of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
Date of Sighting: 14/05/2011
Time: 21:15
Witness Name: Lee W / Abi D

Witness Statement: Had just left Thorpe-le-Soken and turned south on Tan Lane. A light suddenly appeared in clear sky ahead, quite distant. Initially the light was small and usually bright – thought was a bright star or planet but not likely due to sudden appearance. Over 20 seconds light appeared to grow and become more diffuse. I was driving and had to take the right turn towards Little Clacton. Abi was able to watch object for longer out of passenger window and was shocked to see it suddenly shoot upwards and disappear behind clouds.

Object’s colour was bright white becoming more orange before disappearing upwards.

Have never seen anything like this, very frequently see chinese lanterns and helicopters in this area, definitely nothing of the sort.

Would approximate object to be 5 mies to our south so would have been a couple of miles offshore.


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Updated: May 15, 2011 — 12:48 pm


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  1. I was at a holiday park in st osyth point clear, it was around 12.35 on the 1st of june when me and my brother in law was chilling were the sea goes narrow and turns into a smalish lake, and we heard a sonic rocket type noise at first we could not see anything then above us there was a ring shaped object looked like a ciger it was moving very slow, then shot of and split into diffrent colours red white blue and orange , they all split and were all moving in ways ive never seen a plane or chopper do ever up down left right, we thought it was really strange but left it as that, only today i googled ufo and st osyth and found a few seeings of ufo. Going to take another trip there in july but ill bring my cam, cause no one belives us, but that was a 100% no man made machine.

  2. I believe I have have also seen this, it was about that time although I don’t recall the exact day, but I do know it was the weekend (Saturday) as I was visiting my girlfriend, as I’d do most weekends as I lived in Hoddesdon.
    I recall the light changing colour to an orange or possibly orange-reddish as it shot upwards with tremendous speed. I was living in a flat on the waterfront, in an area called Westminster Court, and the window faces the sea. The object shot out to sea at an angle upwards and apparently out into space. At the time I assumed the colour change may have been due to the doppler effect, due to the tremendous speed, causing the change in colour, but that is pure speculation.

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