South Woodham Ferrers, Essex-17th July 2016

Location of Sighting: South Woodham Ferrers, Essex
Date of Sighting: 17/072016
Time: 19:40Hrs to 19:55Hrs
Witness Name: David Woodcock / Christine Smith

Witness Statement: We were lying in the spa watching the usual passenger flights crossing overhead in a clear blue sunny early evening sky. We both noticed a bright white still object high up about 85 degrees above the Eastern horizon, so almost above head and very very high. the object apeared to move very slowly south and then slowly east and faded in and out of view. I grabbed my binoculars 10X50\\\’s. Upon focussing on it I could just make out a white solid crescent object whith a non white or grey part on the inside of the crescent, The object was very slowly rotating and as it turned the brilliant white solid profile of the crescent narrowed until it had rotated round to the crescent profile again and that was why it appeared to fade in and out of view to the naked eye, but with the binoculars one could see what was happening. It wasnt a plane. It wasnt a helicopter, it wasnt a balloon, it was in the troposphere and I would say at between 20,000 feet and thirty thousand feet and so would have been on radar or seen by pilots of the numerous aircraft. It seemed to be moving with the jetstream because I checked and the jetstream was slack and a west northwesterly at altitude. I reckon the size of the object could have been anything between 25 feet to 50 feet across but that depended on the altitude which is approximated only through years of experience. The object did seem to change direction after the first few minutes which caught our attention but the rest of the time it moved very slowly towards the eastern horizon and we lost sight of it at 19:55 hrs at about 30 degrees above the eastern horizon. This would have been a hazzard to aircraft so the authorities should have known it was there. What was it?


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  1. I saw orange light flying around 21:25 17/7/2016, location: Wembley, UFO: west

  2. This is exactly what I saw yesterday (18/7/16) over Whitchurch, Bristol at approx 4.45pm. There were two of these white orb like objects. They were very slowly and silently moving south. The sun was catching them and they were really bright,and then they would dim out of view. I lost sight of the first one but the second I watched for over half an hour. They were also very high in the sky in the east and moving nearly overhead. The second one then gradually veered off northwards out of sight. I thought they might have been gliders but I checked Flightradar24 and they were too far away and not high enough. Would love to know what they were.

  3. “It wasnt a plane. It wasnt a helicopter, it wasnt a balloon”

    The likelihood is it was one of the above, most likely – from the description of it rotating and repeating an image – the latter. Of course, it could have been something else, but I’m talking about likelihood.

  4. So obviously you mean the Moon? Speaking as someone into Astronomy myself and also having seen a UFO up close and personal, (very frightening I admit to this day) I just wish time wasters like you would actually see one for real like I did. But then probably you wouldn’t say anything as you would bottle out so no point really. Go and read a book or something and leave us alone.

  5. Thank you for your replies, I think Rachael’s sighting sounds similar.
    To answer Steve Turnbull; I did consider that it could have been a weather balloon, but weather balloons are long virtical shapes with a lobe at the top. Also the cargo is very small and hangs below. What I saw was a shape that a balloon could never hold. It was a crescent and in the middle of the crescent was a darker or grey ill-defined shape and this was not a cargo because this part was not suspended, rather it was part of the object.

    Anyway, i posted this up because having carefully thought through everything I could only conclude that it was unidentified and flying. It would have been a hazard to planes at that altitude and position because it was right in the flight path for the Stanstead and Heathrow corridor from the east. I am sure that airline pilots or somebody else must also have seen this too. As yet I have not had the time to contact the CAA but I will get around to it.

    I have seen onother object which absolutely defied belief in 2010 which made me realise that there are things out there which one just cant account for. I was really stunned for a few days and told everyone. I came to the conclussion that I would never ever be able to know what it actually was and that I should stop worrying about it and just get on with life because there is absolutely nothing one can do. There is nothing that i cant usually understand and explain. However, my 2010 sighting changed all that cocky sureness in me that there was no such thing as a UFO and now I know different.

  6. Steve I too had my first sightings in 2010, and from that day forward I knew that we are being visited. Thank you for your reports.

  7. Sorry my comment was to David not Steve!

  8. “However, my 2010 sighting changed all that cocky sureness in me that there was no such thing as a UFO and now I know different!”

    David, of course UFO’s exist; the problem is how we define one. Correctly, a UFO is any object, flying, that the observer does not recognise or cannot identify. I grew up close to an airfield, one where aircraft were built and tested, or refitted for the purpose; everything from Vulcans to Harriers, Buccaneers and Nimrods, Victors and more. I could identify each, but occasionally something I did not recognise would pay a visit, often at odd times. These were, to me, UFO’s; however, they were not alien, but of this earth, and this is where the problem lies. It’s only reasonable to suggest that craft, flying within our airspace, originate from Earth.

  9. I saw a UFO over SWF in perfect warm daylight conditions in 1985. The sky was pure blue with zero clouds at 8.50am. My vision was absolutely perfect from the vantage point of a pavement. I watched the object for at least five minutes. The object I saw hovered for this entire time in perfect sight. The shape was very unusual and not at all like most sightings. Bear in mind this was well before the invention of modern mass produced silent electric radio control drones or helicopters and before fake photoshopped images and videos. If anyone else saw something around this time we cane change notes on the shape. This is the first time I have mentioned this online.

  10. *exchange notes on the shape*

  11. Hi Paul. Daylight sightings are quite rare. Did it just disappear or did you finally walk off with it still in situ? I take it no-one else was around, as it doesn’t sound as if you shared your sighting? Do you live in an isolated area as at that time around here, it’s usually pretty busy? I suspect there is a rational explanation for your sighting – kite, balloon, something of that nature, but after all this time it’s just pure speculation.

  12. “Daylight sightings are quite rare.”

    Probably because, during daylight, it’s easier to identify the object concerned.

  13. Paul here again. There is no alternative, believe me. It was a vertical metallic cylinder. I had perfect vision in ideal lighting and conditions. I had five minutes to stare at it and I did not rush to a conclusion. It was not blurred or obscured. It was sharp and perfect sighting. Decades before high tech man made alternatives existed. I walked off leaving it there as I was late for school. Oddly not a soul was around in my town of SWF.

    I have also experienced other strange time related issues.

    Both the above changed my view of the world forever. I don’t need to research this topic much to find answers. I accept the truth that they are real. I am happy with that.

    Love and peace to all.

  14. Gosh, I have only returned to this today because it came up on a search, I had forgotten about this post of my observation and quite surprised by the number of comments, so thank you for that. I believe that what I saw was most likely to have been a weather balloon which caught the sunlight as it slowly rotated high up in the Troposphere. Cant think of anything else which would fit. I have at least spent the time and effort today to log my most weird observation ever and the one observation which clearly changed my view of the world for good. I really find it hard to believe about UFO’s and things like this because most observations can be explained as my one here demonstrates, I can probably pigeon hole it to fit something man made. But have a read of my addition I have added today relating to November 2010.

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