Southampton-14th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Southampton, UK
Date of Sighting: 14th October 2013
Time: 7.20pm
Witness Name: Anon

Witness Statement:2 UFOs flew over my house, both exactly the same, first one coming towards my house and over it, I then walked out to the front of the house to continue watching it, it was then when I saw another one the same but going in the opposite direction back towards my house and over the back. I could see them both at the same time, they were separate UFO’s. They were both bright lights, no pulsating although dimmed a couple of times. Average speed, no sounds whatsover. Possibly in the stratosphere and were 100% NOT chinese lanterns.


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Updated: October 16, 2013 — 9:09 pm


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  1. Dear Anon
    Commercial aircraft cruise in the lower areas of the stratosphere, so I presume you’re saying you saw two bright lights at around 30,000 feet? If so it’s possible you saw two aircraft still picking up the Suns rays at that altitude, whilst is would appear dark or twilight at ground level.

  2. Hi Anon,
    One question comes to mind – what colour were the lights?
    These things may possibly have been satellites going over! -Paul

  3. Average speed? 30 mph? Must have been as you were able to go through the house to watch them at the back? How old are you? A complete waste of bandwidth.

  4. Sorry, at the front of the house. At least one of us re-reads their posts 😉

  5. Oh I see. Oops, silly me. Good point, Alec. Hastily retreats with red face…………………….:o

  6. Another really useful comment from Gary – people come here to report something out of the ordinary – but its good that someone like Gary is here to explain the sightings with so much insight and knowledge

  7. Alderley, so what is your insight and knowledge on this sighting then? I think Alex has a point; you?

  8. Too slow, Alderley, I’d already acknowledged my faux pas. Must try harder.

    So what’s your take on this one, oh Wise One?

    As usual, not a constructive word.

  9. i would say something unusual was seen – but the information is too inadequate to jump to any conclusions at all (unlike many of the people here who have an explanation for everything – every time)

  10. Alderley, you think ‘something unusual’ was seen but don’t have adequate information to jump to conclusions? You HAVE jumped to a conclusion – that it was ‘something unusual’! How do you differentiate from such a scant description whether it was ‘unusual’ or not? They were lights, flying in the sky: there is nothing whatsoever unusual about that!

  11. I have seen something similar during a windy autumn night around 11 pm some years ago. I looked out of a flat window where I was staying in Shirley, Southampton looking eastwards and saw 3 pearly white lights at approx 1000 ft flying separately in a large figure of eight loop. I went outside to observe and stood past shirley towers between the two blocks of milner court. One of the lights flew silently and slowly directly overhead where I was standing. (I became a little anxious as it felt I was observing it whilst it was observing me!). As I returned back to the flat where I was staying after watching for several minutes I noticed a very low slow flying police spotter type plane circling in the approx position of shirley police station below the height of the three pearly white lights which were still flying in a large figure of eight formation. This is the first time I have reported this has any one noticed something similar in this location.

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