Southampton-25th December 1980

Location of Sighting: Southampton
Date of Sighting: 25th December 1980
Time: about 9 give or takr an hour
Witness Name: Alan Adams (Lizzy Ann French)

Witness Statement: Popping next door to my neighbours and saw the biggest firework I ever saw. It look like an atomic eplosion except it was in space. I still have the cut out of the newspaper dated boxing day. Someone in the next street spotted it too but he reported it. It was huge, There were already reports of a satalite coming to earth but I know what I saw. Then years later I find out about Rendlesham which happened next night same year. Could be connected. Most anamzing thing I have ever seen. 4 witnesses plus me and the bloke in the next road who I have ever met. To this day

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Hi,

    myself and 11 other friends stood under a large UFO at night in 1980 we were at the famous Alexandra Palace in North London, this was a serious sighting which was published in the local journal and witnessed by many others. I would love to have this officially reported to the relevant UFO body.


  2. I witnessed the sighting in Southampton on Christmas night 1980. The same as Lizy Ann French. I am the neighbour that is mentioned. It looked like a massive firework except it was very high up and entering the Earths atmosphere. The event was given a name by the national meteoric centre as somebody reported it straight away. i.e it was named after that man who lived in Green Lane in Southampton. Imagine when the space shuttle that broke up on launch and how it was disintigrating back to earth in flames, etc except it was at night. It was brilliant to watch. There was a lot of talk about nuclear war at the time. We thought that this was missiles coming in. there were about 5 tor more trails it was huge. It was South heading east for sure. Around a 45 degree angle from where we were standing. The local newspaper wrote it off as a satalite falling however I have never been able to substantiate this with my research. Please enlighten me if you can verify this.

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