Southend On Sea-1st November 2010

Location of Sighting: Southend On Sea
Date of Sighting: 1/11/10
Time: 19.30
Witness Name: Stephen Evans

Witness Statement: Whilst fishing next to Southend Pier, My brother drew my attention to somthing in the sky. We saw 4 red lights flying in a V formation from west to East. They were travaling at such speed, we waited for either a sonic boom, or engine noise. None came! We would like to think that it was a formation of fighter jets. Not sure if they were “on a call”, they would have navigation lights switched on? Definatly not chinese lanterns due to the formation and speed. Took 10 seconds to come into view above Canvey island and dissapear above Shoeburyness. At 20.00 saw a single red light travaling faster than the previous lights. Again in the same direction. Maybe our boys were called to a job after the threats to cargo planes etc…Not sure.


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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 6:56 pm

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