Southend on Sea Essex-14th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Southend on Sea Essex
Date of Sighting: 14 -12-2013
Time: 6.40 am
Witness Name: Michael Kay

Witness Statement: Hi,Just like to share this with everyone. On Friday morning at approximately 6.40am on 20th December 2013 i witness four UFO’s. I was looking out my back door window when i saw an object about the size of a Harrier jet travelling from West to East. It was still quite dark but it was starting to get light. Good visibility with a clear sky. I was admiring the stars and managed to spot a satellite going over head. After a couple of minutes i spotted and object to the east. The object was moving approximately 1500-3000 miles plus an hour. It was fast and gone within five seconds. I estimate 10,000/20’000 miles above ground. It had four dull amber lights quite equal in distance. As you looked at it, it almost looked like some sort of insect more square shaped.
Within a second of spotting it rushed straight outside to watch it disappear. There was no sound. I live almost on top of Southend airport so as you can imaging i see a lot of planes and you get to know the difference between a plane and something very unusual. I stood outside looking at the sky for another three minutes before the second encounter when two of these objects appeared. They were exactly the same in shape with the same colour dull amber lighting. They were moving what appeared slightly quicker than the first one i saw. What was amazing about these two objects were they were weaving in and out from each other and it was quite significant moves. It was just incredible to see. My heart was really pounding at this point at what i had witnessed. It really was amazing. There was no sound and also no other aircraft within the sky at this time. Within two minutes another one past by similar sort of speed to the first. I really couldn’t believe what i had just witness. There was no sound what so ever from any of these, with no flashing lights.
These were certainly unidentified and i have seen a lot of craft in my time for my 54yrs of age. It is possible that these could be some sort of top secret military aircraft heading towards Lakenheath USA air force base.. When you see something like this you realise that technology is far more advanced than we can possibly imagine.


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Updated: December 22, 2013 — 9:46 pm


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  1. The dull amber lights are typical of what you see at the rear of a hot jet engine. The object you saw must have had four of them. I think you’ve seen an unusual shaped aircraft going into Lakenheath.

  2. You estimate the object “10,000/20,000 miles above ground” ?????????

    Surely you mean feet and not miles ?

  3. ‘It is possible that these could be some sort of top secret military aircraft heading towards Lakenheath USA air force base.’

    Is this what led you to your stunning conclusion Reality?

  4. steve b,
    Yes, my thoughts exactly also!!
    Reality – yes, very possible!! -Paul

  5. Confused about the date of the sighting,its dated as 14th december,then you say it was 20th december?

  6. Or even a B1B Lancer, which is anything but top-secret and has 4 after-burners

  7. Alderley, dull yellow/red usually means jet pipes are cooling. Blue white means the opposite, after burners you can look up. Turbo props you can look that up as well.

    I did not say it was a top secret aircraft! It could have been an AWAC? Please read things correctly in future.

    Your now boring me!

  8. I think he means an E3D Sentry or a Rivet Joint ,Alderley.

  9. Hi All
    Just to clarify the objects were 10/20 thousand feet not miles. And the date was the 14th not 20th. I was to excited at what I had seen :o)
    Yes its possible there were after burners as the colour was very similar. I had a clear view of the sky. For objects to travel from one end of the horizon to the other in a matter of a couple of seconds would have to be travelling at many thousands of miles.
    Crafts travelling at this speed with no sound what so ever is very unusual. If it was a jet you would have heard something.
    Seeing the first craft, the imagination tests its limits and mistakes are easily made. To see two further objects travelling as fast but weaving in and out from each other at very noticeable distances apart makes this very unexplained. And a further object a few minutes later made the whole experience highly unusual and absolutely fascinating.
    It certainly expands the mind.

  10. Another alien craft defying the laws of physics. Logic tells me that what you saw was outside the Earth’s atmosphere .

  11. At that speed, the sound would be well behind the object, it would not seem related to it/them. You must be careful on this site, as changing dates, times, heights and speeds make people highly suspicious.

    Gary could be right.

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