Southend On Sea, Essex-22nd July 2010

Location of Sighting: Southend On Sea, Essex
Date of Sighting: 22/07/2010
Time: 1am
Witness Name: Narf Vader

Witness Statement: Someone tell me I?m barking mad, and that I cannot observe in the night sky, during certain months of the year, A bright star like object ? east of the plough constellation, performing subtle horizontal/vertical manoeuvres (sometimes quiet complex from a conventional point of view), whilst maintaining a relative position in the sky. And someone tell me that the reason I have not heard local news reports concerning the observation, is because I?m bonkers!


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Updated: July 22, 2010 — 5:23 pm


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  1. Hi, Not sure if we witnessed the same thing, but at 1.15am or thereabouts, we witnessed an orange light in the sky which moved side to side, then vanished. ten minutes later there were 3 they seemed to be in formation, moving side to side, quite high up, then the lights faded and they vanished. there were no sounds. several of us witnessed this from near Weymouth Dorset, so not a million miles from you. Did anyone else see this.

  2. Southend On Sea, Essex-22nd July 2010
    Witness Name: Narf Vader

    30/7/2010 approx 2:00am Observation Update:
    Was observing usual behavior of bright star like object east of the plough constellation, I witnessed it varying it’s luminosity from very bright to near zero luminescence. The luminosity does not appear to be relative to it’s velocity.
    Unfortunately I do not have the necessary equipment to document my observations!

  3. Hi Mr Vader, not sure where the plough is as I’m from Oz (can show you where the saucepan & southern cross is 🙂 I reported some strange star movements too, it’s under Southgate N14 18th July 2010 if you want to check it out and compare notes, it sounds very similar to what I saw and there’s another similar report from a guy called Louis Garcia.

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