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Spennymoor-17th October 2012

Location of Sighting: Spennymoor
Date of Sighting: 17/10/2012
Time: 7:55
Witness Name: James Hall

Witness Statement: Was out in garden having cigarette. I saw an orange light bright moving slightly faster than an aeroplane eyebrow faded out, second later there was aprox 6 more lights faded flew past almost like a flock of birds, if there was such thing as a glowing orange bird I would say that’s what they where. These where moving faster. I am baffled. I would never report a UFO normally but this really was a UFO.


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Updated: October 19, 2012 — 6:50 pm


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  1. From the description, could well be Chinese lanterns.

  2. Ive seen these ufos twice before. They were weaving in and out of each other. It was the strangest thing ive ever seen. Iknow this sounds daft but they can change shape.To this day ive no idea what they are.

  3. These where certainly not Chinese lanterns, the first light could of been but not the second. They moved faster, also they where almost in a cross shape. As I say they where almost like a flock of glow in the dark birds. They where also in a chevron formation. I have thought of the posability of the street lights reflecting of actual birds but our street lights only point down so have ruled that out.

  4. Chinese lanterns seen from the ground usually don’t look to be too fast. Do they ? I saw some about 3 weeks ago, they were following each other… at the beginning very bright orange and then turning dim orange and making their way all in the same direction. They fly fast only if there is a lot of wind, simples! ;p

  5. Given how many there were, I’m inclined to believe the Chinese lanterns theory.

  6. Ok I can see where you are all coming from. I have seen plenty of Chinese lanterns and do not beleve that is what I saw they traveled fast, I mean like the speed of a jet. There was next to no wind that night. It just doesn’t fit. From my experience lanterns kina just float by and flicker. These things as I keep saying where litterly like orange glow in the dark birds. They also where quite dimly lit. They where only on my line of sight for about 2-3 seconds, from my garden I can almost see horizon to horizon.

  7. Lol, I feel silly now. I was out agean and saw the same thing. This time they where making noises, they where in fact swans. Case closed.

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