Tudhoe village, Spennymoor-Autumn, 1997

Location of Sighting: Tudhoe village, Spennymoor, County Durham
Date of Sighting: Autumn, 1997
Time: abt 7
Witness Name: Mark

Witness Statement: I was 17 at the time there was 4 of us and we all saw this. One of us looked up and saw some thing really hard to explain. I’ll try, it looked like a cloud but in waves really high up which started from the horizon at a spike to go over us quite wide. it wasn’t solid but as time passed, it moved from left to the right. we put it down to northern lights or some it similar. anyway that had passed over us, we could still see it. we were down a dark road towards the sewage works and over a field there was a row of trees. we seen a red light which was obviously on the ground behind the trees. we were dumbstruck we were all seeing this, it rose up to the top of the trees but behind them then starting moving to the left. one of us said lets go and see what it was. we all looked at each other and said f**k that and we ran. i bumped into this site about a couple of weeks ago, i’m still in touch with 1 of me mates who was there and i mention it and we talked about it, i know i ain’t crazy that was real and wasn’t by myself. that’s my experience anyway.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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