St Helens, Merseyside-6th January 2013

Location of Sighting: St Helens Merseyside
Date of Sighting: 6th January 2013
Time: 18.00 – 1900 (cannot be sure of this time)
Witness Name: Rh

Witness Statement: In relation to earlier report, i was sitting in a bungalow with work colleague (i dont always work here) at the back of arriva bus station which is very close to earlier report, when something caught my eye going across the sky i did see lots of lights including a red one but it was huge, i casually turned to colleague and said is it on a flight path here and he said it was but as it caught his eye he said that was not a plane so we jumped up opened the blinds and patio doors just in time to see it banking off under the skyline of industrial estate. Can i point out there was no noise at all from this object and only later on when actual planes where going across the sky passed the bungalow did i begin to realise that what i witnessed could not have been a plane as for it to appear that big it would have to have been very close and you would have heard an engine


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  1. could you send me some pics if u took any if not then theres nothing much i can do

  2. Unfortunately even if the individuals did have pictures, with today’s software it is possible to fake both pictures and videos, to quite a sophisticated degree, which now means we have to look more closely at multiple witness sightings, which I thought this and other sites were all about, unfortunately though there are so many sightings that it appears it is impossible to get enough responses to take anything forward (maybe it needs someone to isolate a multiple sighting and analyse these at great length to see if we can make any sense of them)
    Having seen (please read my sighting, Liverpool 1st March), I know that even with a camera, you don’t always get the pictures you hope will prove what you saw, as with mine, not one picture showed any one of the objects, not even a small dot, and the main object shone like a mini sun, even though one shot had an aircraft in view as well, the aircraft and its vapour trail showed up but nothing else.
    I did, by the way put the photos through Photoshop (as I did with the photos from the Liverpool Knowsley-15th February pictures and found they were just pictures of a front door canopy) in a bid to try to show something, but as I said nothing showed up.
    It also makes you wonder why some of us see things that no one else appears to see (mine was in daylight, the sun was just starting to go down, in rush hour, yet no one appears to have witnessed what I can only describe like watching a scene from a movie). Are those of us who witness these events mad, miss-identifying things (I am an ex member of a particular branch of the Armed forces so can identify most non-black project areal objects) or are we allowed to view them?
    As for RH’s sighting, you obviously had a sighting of something out of the ordinary, which is why it had an impact on you, and made you both get up. So keep watching and welcome to the witnesses of the Unknown/ possibly Unearthly Club.

  3. and you are? and what could you do? with all due repect read the report its as accurate as i can remember and happened so quickly i didnt think to get my phone out to take a picture. Although always a believer i have never seen anything like what i saw that night and would normally belive that this could have been explained away but to have one witness alongside me and more importantly a complete stranger seeing the same thing and also posting on here helps me reaffirm that there was something strange in the sky that night, take my word or not i dont care. I had also never been on this sight before that night, i relayed my sighting to a friend and he told me to check on here

  4. Interesting sighting Rh….Thanks for sharing it with us!

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